30 Great tutorials for GIMP

It is certainly inspiring that a free piece of software gives you so diverse possibilities, comparable to any paid gimp-logosoftware you can get in the market. In this post I have attempted to collect the best tutorials of GIMP, in my view, around the web.

Photo Re-touching

1- Turn a 40 year old to 20 year old lady

This is by far the most interesting tutorial in this category. The video shows easy steps to remove wrinkles and add freshness to an old ladies picture. Finally you will end up with a picture of a younger and more attractive lady. The techniques in this tutorial will help you retouch your daily life photographs.


2-Applying Makeup with GIMP

In this video simple techniques are applied to put on light makeup to lady. This is an intuitive tutorial that teaches one simple steps to achieve a picture that is lightly re-touched.


3-Cool Photo Manipulation in Gimp

Again a simple tutorial but will definitely help one to learn from basics to advance techniques using GIMP.


4-How to switch the face of someone famous with your face


A very interesting Tutorial that will make you able to replace any celebrity’s face with yours!


5-Adding Sketch Effect to an Image

Again a simple tutorial but will definitely help one to learn from basics to advance techniques using GIMP.


6- Realistics Reflections


7-Create the impression of a buffer GIMP DigiScrapbook


Now adays, scrapbooking is very common and people look for ways to be more innovative with pictures and other contents. This is an interesting tutorial in this context!


8-Cutout a picture in a photo



Special effects  & Wallpapers

In this category of tutorials I have gathered some tutorials that will help you make amazing digital art.

9-Glow effect

A very simple to follow tutorial but yet has utterly impressive output.


10-How to make a colorful line/wavey effect


11-How to Make a Signature

This is one of the interesting tutorials that will boost your creativity apart from teaching you some tricks and techniques.


12-Crazy Insane Photo Manipulation

A very insightful  tutorial depicting the new era of digital art.


Next,we have tutorials that will teach you to make awesome wallpapers.

13-Gimp tutorial: Abstract Wallpaper


14-Cool Wallpaper



Typography is art of alphabets and characters. GIMP has easy techniques to accomplish the best typography effects.

15- Typography logo design

This is GIMP 2.6 tutorial that comprises of simple steps to make an attractive logo for your website.


17 & 18- Teach your self simple typography with these tutorials

This is another stunning typography tutorial. By the end of practicing these tutorials you will surely do moderate level of typography!



19- Typo portrait!

 This tutorial will teach you to make a face out of typography.



Text Effects


You might have seen several graffitic effects, but these tutorials are definitely must try. The best thing about them is that they are easy to follow and produce the desired effect in simple steps

20- Create Splatter Grunge Effect

This tutorial is about splatter Grunge effect you can create using GIMP.

21- Another Grunge effect


Another tutorial for grunge effect.


Facebook & Youtube

22-Innvative Facebook profile picture

This tutorial teaches you to take full advantage of facebook’s new layout to make a cool screenshot using the gimp. This is a must try trick!!

23-Another Facebook profile picture tutorial!

 A  fast forwardede tutorial that will help you uderstand most of the steps of the above tutorial visualy.

24-Custom youtube layout



Cartoonize Yourself

25-Cartoon Effect 

 Now this is a simple one. A simple tutorial that teaches you to convert your picture to a cartoon.

26-Cartoonize yourself 

 Again a simple but intutive tutorial. 


27-Yet another!


28-Animated avatars using GIMP


Website Tips & Tricks!

29- Wip website layout in gimp – timelapse 

Simple website teaching you the tricks about creating graphics for your website.

30- How To Make A UserBar In GIMP

Yet another tutorial for decorating your website.

So these were my collection of best tutorials around the web!