3 Reasons why Linux is the platform for education?

Gone are the days when it was sufficient if students coming out of high schools knew one end of the computer to the other. With each passing year, children are becoming increasingly techno-perfect, in small degree, which translates into better career prospects such as better paying jobs, higher salary etc. To achieve higher levels of proficiency children need to fall back on the age-old trick of starting early. Start learning languages early

they said and this holds fast for our tech-savvy generation too. Multiple Operating Systems lexicon will hold them in fast stead and it makes for a rounded and complete education. The assumption here is that licensed software is where children will begin their venture into all things on computers.

Schools save 75 percent on technology expenses 

Technology today is expensive, especially so for schools and institutions that depend on government funding for computer technology. Most times, schools will even depend on parents in the technical domain to help them overcome their technical limitations, as they do not even have special IT faculty. In scenarios such as this, Linux or in fact all open sources are a welcome option. Converting old forgotten PCs for Linux is cost effective and there are no recurring costs of expensive licensing.

Low cost of ownership (TCO)

Linux could well run an entire school system on thin clients that are low-energy consumers, diskless and most times do not need a fan and are lesser priced than PCs and most importantly consistently reliable performers. A  Minimum configuration, translates into lower maintenance and lesser support scenarios.

Linux for an early start

Starting them off early on open source such as Linux advances their learning curve, often augmenting their skills on licensed software. Linux at the school level is an opportunity for young minds to learn about what is beneath the hood.

Linux in education, at the school level is an open option for the young minds to explore alternatives in Operating Software empowering themselves for their future. Linux is an opportunity to learn about how things are done technical how to adapt hardware to improve computational capabilities. Linux is the ideal platform for these early learners to think out of the box. Thinking alternatively and looking for better solution sets is what Linux does. Expanding mindsets to look beyond the obvious is the ideal starting point for every young user of computers.

Linux based distros such as the Gcompris for children above 2 yrs are very powerful and robust. There is of course the dedicated Edubuntu line of products that offer perhaps the most scalable, easy to use educational line of products meant exclusively to educate, teach and allow the young learner to experiment, explore and build up his Linux prowess. This will lay a strong foundation for a successful career in IT or otherwise.

Open Source is the future of computing. Early starters on Linux today will be quick to make the paradigm shift and contribute significantly to developing and using futuristic technology.