3 New IT tools by Start-Ups you need to watch

IT tools are critical to operations of small as well as large organizations. As new technology and innovation merge, newer tools emerge enabling complex computations to become smoother, swifter and secure. Most new IT tools are developed in domains such as cloud computing and mobile based application, innovations that give IT operations an edge as well as cost effectiveness.

 3 New IT tools that need to be watched

Analysts trend that new IT startup are building capabilities that will offer something for the CIO –minimum investments and zero support infrastructure. As more and more businesses on the growth curve upgrade, the IT development is often costly and ungainly. These require the quick and effective solutions that new IT start-ups offer such as CloudCop, which gives enterprises the opportunity to monitor and analyze data to determine the ROI and implications of moving to public cloud. In fact, they offer an audit trial to watch for compliance guidelines.
Cloud storage has the largest tools being developed by IT start-ups. Cloud-based data storage is ideal for unstructured data storage as latency and sub-second constraints in retrieval of data is more likely.  Therefore, large enterprises would have a successful storage model if they adopt hybrid storage with some on-site storage and most on the cloud. Here new start-ups are looking to develop innovative products, where speed search and retrieval are optimized as well as compliance to regulatory issues.

Cloud-based resource tracker

Tools for mobile device management, virtual databases will bridge the requirement for organizational infrastructure required to run Internet operations. Apptio is a resource tracker on the cloud platform. Since most enterprise IT departments are today expected to IT resources, there is an increasing requirement for monetization of the various tools as a complete entity and not in bits and parts for network, bandwidth or mobile devices. What Appito offers is the SaaS Technology Business Management TBM solution suite where sectoral costs, investments and financials of client, infrastructure services are the ideal tool for costing. Starbucks was able to switch from laptops to better managed desktops to improve the original move by scaling the hardware warranties as batter replacements in laptops were prohibitive and no substantial cost savings. IT resource tracking is the solution and Apptio is right answer.

Web Apps backup

Most enterprises are challenged to ensure data recovery safe and secure despite the unlimited amount of data generated through email, document collaboration and social media sites etc. Termed the Achilles heel by analysts essentially where service providers or third-parties are involved. To overcome the issues of loss of data etc, is a wonderful new tool called the Backupify. Based on the SaaS mode, it duplicated data from several sources such as Facebook, Google Docs etc to S3 storage cloud network on Amazon. The user data is centralized and this enables Enterprises to adopt required security and duplication of data storage and comply with industry specific requirements such as payment card industry compliance on storage of card owner data.
These are just a few of the New Age tools to speed up  deployment cycles and replicate storage devices, costs etc.

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