3 Good CD And DVD Burning Tools For Ubuntu

About a week ago my friend asked me to help him with some information about some good cd/dvd apps in Ubuntu, because he was planning to give a try to Linux. This guy is a windows user, but the software he uses in Windows costs so much he can not afford anymore. So, why not use free software to burn your favourite movies and music files? There are also free alternatives in windows operating system, but since my friend is moving to Linux world, lets give him information about three free cd and dvd burning tools for Ubuntu Linux.

Brasero Disc Burner

Every ubuntu user is familiar with the Brasero Disc Burner tool for the reason that it comes as a default application in Ubuntu Linux. Brasero is a free disc-burning program licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. The good thing about this software is that it supports both CD and DVD formats. Brasero supports single-session data DVDs and any type of CD and can use all audio files handled by Gstreamer local installation (ogg, flac, mp3, …).


Data CD/DVD:

– supports edition of discs contents (remove/move/rename files inside directories)
– can burn data CD/DVD on the fly
– automatic filtering for unwanted files (hidden files, broken/recursive symlinks, files not conforming to joliet standard, …)
– supports multisession
– supports joliet extension
– can write the image to the hard drive
– can check disc file integrity

Audio CD:

– write CD-TEXT information (automatically found thanks to gstreamer)
– supports the edition of CD-TEXT information
– can burn audio CD on the fly
– can use all audio files handled by Gstreamer local installation (ogg, flac, mp3, …)
– can search for audio files inside dropped folders
– full edition of silences between tracks

You can read the full features list here.


K3b is another free tool which can be used to perform most CD/DVD burning tasks. This feature rich application has a very easy to use interface and can deal with deal with Blu-Rays or HD DVDs.

It consists of basicly three parts:

The projects:

Projects are created from the file menu and then filled with data to burn.

The Tools:

The tools menu offers different tools like CD copy or DVD formatting.

Context sensitive media actions:

When clicking on the Icon representing a CD/DVD drive K3b will present it’s contents and allow some further action. This is for example the way to rip audio CDs.

K3b can automatically rename MP3 and OGG files to fit a common format like “artist – title.mp3, burn data CDs by dragging files or burning an ISO image, create eMovix CDs and DVDs and rip audio discs into nearly any format with CDDB support, but this is not all this amazing tool can do. You can read more about its features here.


Xfburn is another tool to help burning CDs and DVDs which fits very well in the Xfce Desktop Environment. It can burn Video CDs and DVDs, is very fast, lightweight and the best solution if you dont want to intall the KDE dependencies needed for K3b.

Note: Xfburn is currently in development so some features may be missing, but it is a very good tool to burn data.