Useful Extensions for LibreOffice

LibreOffice is one of the popular office suite software like Open Office and is an excellent alternative to the expensive MS Office. Most of the features available in MS Office and Open Office are also available in LibreOffice, with the added features in the form of extensions. The article, “Ten Nice Extensions for LibreOfice,” describes the must have extensions for the software, while this article describes additional useful extensions for LibreOffice.

1) Copy only visible cells: This extension provides the features similar to “Select Visible Cells” in MS Excel. You can use it with subtotals or ranges with hidden rows or columns.

2) Fixed values for Calc: This extension helps the user inserting current date or current time as a fixed value in the selected cell. It creates two menu items in Calc. The date and time will be put in default format defined by the current language. To use this extension, just install it and go to Insert > Fixed Values menu to choose either date or hour.

3) Improved trend lines (CorelPolyGUI): CorelPolyGUI extension for LibreOffice helps plotting the trend lines such as linear and polynomial with forced interception option. After installation it is available in LibreOffice through Tools > Add-ons. The extension offers a number of features like negative degrees for polynoms, a large number of options for moving average and many others.

4) Search in Calc: This small extension adds the functionality of searching in Calc. The extension displays results in the form of a floating window and one can also navigate to the results. After installation it can be accessed from add-ons within the Tools menu or using the combination of Ctrl Shift F3 keys.

5) MultiSave: This is a unique extension that enables you to save the document in multiple formats simultaneously. You can save the document in OpenDocument, MS Office and/or PDF formats all at the same time.

6) Chemistry: The Chemistry extension for LibreOffice enables inserting the chemical formulae in the form of image. The user can insert the chemical formulae from SMILES, InChIKeys or the Name.

7) Magenta Lorem Ipsum Generator: Many times the user has to insert dummy text. This extension helps generating the dummy text Lorem ipsum dummy text from

8) Template changer: Template manager is another unique extension for LibreOffice. It creates two options under File menu: Templates – Assign template (current document) and Templates – Assign template (folder)

The extension helps assigning the templates to the documents, thus making the document appear as if it was created using the template. The styles and formatting of the document is changed as per the template.

9) Instant word count: The instant word count feature, when opened, tells the user the number of words within the document or within the selection. The user can also set the target and the progress bar shows the progress.

10) Dmaths: This extension provides the toolbox of various mathematical signs that can be very useful when creating the document related to formulae.