Some Android Travel Apps for Travel Freaks

Do you like traveling? Most of us do. Traveling to far off places and seeing the beauties of nature is a great thing to do- especially when you live in a country like New Zealand that is full of exotic places. But things can get pretty difficult if you don’t have (or you’ve lost) directions. This is why you should have some good travel apps.


The ratings on this app show that it is certainly the best. It is the right app for any travel needs. Plus it’s very simple to use. Just forward the confirmation email to Tripit email id and it will populate your app database with travel info. It has data about hotels, flights, cruises, restaurants, reservations, and much more.

And it also has a social element. With Tripit, you can share the travel plans with your friends on Facebook. Maybe you like bragging- maybe you want them to know you are going on most expensive flights and staying in most expensive hotels (isn’t that what most people do on Facebook anyway?)

And the best part is that Tripit is free! It’s surprising though, because it’s a premium quality app. But yes, it has a paid version as well. For just $49 for one year, you can get some extra services. These extra services would be like your personal travel helper. It would monitor deals to let you have the best one. It also gives alerts as you travel.


It is among the most popular apps on traveling. It offers whatever Tripit is offering, but it adds some extra spices to it. No wonder it has gained the Android Market Editor’s Choice tag. It also has a free version along with a paid one. You can manage your itinerary just like you would in Tripit. Just forward confirmation mail, and your database will be populated with values. But after that, WorldMate gets more interesting than Tripit. It uses Google maps to organize your itinerary. So it would be great if you are looking for driving directions. If you have ever rented a car from hotel to a destination, you know that it’s very common to get lost.

This app also let you book hotels or rent cars. It lets you do a lot of stuff, but the only limitation is that you cannot book flights on it. And if you wish to get its premium services, you will get flight alerts, calendar syncing, and no ads. But if you ask me, you can get all these features on the free version as well if you do a little bit of extra work.

Well these were the two best apps for traveling. If you want more suggestions, you can try Orbitz and TripAdvisor.