FlightGear 2.6.0 has been released!| flight simulator

The FlightGear 2.6.0 has been released.¬† The new released version contain a number of new features, improvements and bugfixes. according to the announcement, “the major improvements from v2.4.0 include reduced AI aircraft load times, easier graphics tuning, more sophisticated AI aircraft and improved usability.”

About FlightGear
Founded in 1997, FlightGear is an open-source flight simulator developed by a worldwide group of volunteers,it features more than 400 aircraft, a worldwide scenery database, a worldwide multi-player environment, detailed sky modelling, a flexible and open aircraft modelling system, varied networking options, multiple display support, a powerful scripting language and an open architecture.

A complete list of new features can be find in the official announcement

Download  FlightGear v2.6.0 from FlightGear.org