141 nice fonts of popular Movies, games and Brands

This is a nice collection of fonts of the most popular movies (Exp- 007 GoldenEye), games and brands (exp. coca cola) , the collection contains the following fonts:


007 GoldenEye , 1942 report , 1979, Palace Script MT, 2006 Team, 28 Days Later, 7th Service, 911 Porscha, 911 Porscha Bold ,911 Porscha Condensed, 911 Porscha Italic, 911 Porscha Leftalic, 911 Porscha Laser Italic, Anywhere But Home , Agent Red, AlaskanNights, Alba, Alba Matter, Alba Super, Aldo’s Nova , American Life, ,Anywhere, AVP , Babylon5 , Babylon5Credits, Bands & Artists , Base 02, Big Plain ,  BjorkFont,  Blade 2, Blazed, Boycott, Breakaway, Brooklyn Kid, CableDingbats, CARTAZ,  CocaCola, ColdCoffee, DEATH STRUGGLE, Defused Extended Bold, Designer Block, Diablo Light, Distortia, dopenakedfoul, DpQuake, DS-Digital, DS-Digital Bold, DS-Digital Italic, DS-Digital Bold Italic, Elektra, Eraser, Evanescence Series B , Evanescence Series B Prespaced, Facelift, FarCry ExtraBold, Ferro Rosso, FightThis , Freshman, Friday13 Bonus NFI , Friday13SH, Friday13, Futurama Bold Font, Futurama Alien Alphabet One, Futurama Alien Alphabet Two, ,Futurama Title Font , Game Logos , Good Times, , Gremlins, HaloRegular , Halo, OutlineRegular, Hitman, If, Illustrate IT, Independence, JaguarJC, ! Jamiroquai !, JerseyLetters,  Knights Quest, Kremlin, Linkin Park, Loki Cola, Lynx, MacType, Marlboro Regular, Matrix_vs_Miltown, Megadeth, namco regular, Narnia BLL, Nasalization, NEC, Neurotoxin, Oasis, OctemberScript, ! PEPSI !, Zrnic, BTSE + PS2 FONT, Playtoy,  Pricedown,  Catull Bold,  Catull, Rabid_Science, RecycleIt, Riven, SEGA LOGO FONT, SF Atarian System, SF Atarian System Extended, SimLLHP, SKYfontThick, Silent Hell of Cheryl Condense, Silent Hell of Cheryl Extended,  Silent Hell of Cheryl , Snickers,  Snickers Straight, Stock Quote,  The Aeroplane Flies High, Tranceform, UnitedStates, Unreal , Tournament, Usuzi, ,Usuzi Italic, Warlock, Walt Disney Script v4.1, Wild Ride, Wild Ride Back Fill, winob, 1979, X-Files, XFiles, Yahoo, ZXSpectrum


Download the file and extract it to your local machine, you can install a font by clicking on it and choosing install font:



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