10 Android apps for holidays

You might have read a number of times that Android market are way behind the Apple’s store when it comes to quality and quantity of apps. Well, that is android-logocertainly the case but Android and its developers are developing some remarkable stuff on regular basis and especially for events. And so is the case these holidays! In the post we have compiled some exciting holiday apps for you!

Holidays are here! And it’s all the web is overwhelming about Christmas and Holiday season. We have for you some exciting Android games, apps and live wallpapers to spice up your Holidays and make them all the more enjoyable.

1. Christmas HD


In our 5 fun apps for summers we reviewed and recommended My Beach Live wallpaper. Christmas HD is from the house of the same developer, delivering the same real 3D feel. The app says “elaborate the Holidays every time you use your device, in true 3-D!” You can gather your family around the fireplace in the app, where on the mantel is your customized picture from your phone’s gallery surrounded by twinkling Christmas lights, and stockings with your names grace the fireplace! Sounds totally perfect arrangement for your Christmas this time! You can always look from the frost-covered window for Santa.  The graphics and particularly the 3D art are, as always commendable.

The best part of the app is that you can customize almost every bit of the app! The app is true 3-D that you can enjoy on your 3D screen on your device. Unfortunately good things come at a price, but fortunately the price is 1.99 USD, that I must say is worth the app!

You can install the live wallpaper on your app if your device runs Android version 2.2 or above. 



Grab it!

2. Greedy Spiders


Have you ever been a fan of Greedy Spider? If so then there is good news! Greedy Spider has brought for its fan the Christmas season titled “Greedy Spiders XMAS Edition is here”. If you have not played Greedy Spider before then this is just the right time to plunge into the addictive game!

Greedy Spider is a logical puzzle that challenges your mind. In this season “The Spiders have come to town and they are planning on dining their friendly neighbors. Use your intelligence in this exciting puzzle game and prevent the Spiders from pulling off their plan.”

Once you succeed by clearing each level you will unlock new spiders and new surprises will be available.


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3. Holiday Cards by Sincerely Ink


Have you not yet sent greetings cards to your friends and family? If so then you can send greeting card right from your Android phone with this app. The app from the makers of the ever popular “postagram” The interface is splendid. One app that I must say qualifies to be in the overly crowed Android App market. This Each cards the app features are of high-quality and beautiful graphics.

Simply download the app and create your very own greetings with built-in resources and your photos in your phone’s gallery.  Each card will be backed up on the Sincerely Ink server so that in case you lose your card you can always retrieve it from Sincerely Ink.

And its not just Christmas, you can create post cards with other themes also for instance Holiday, New Year & Hanukkah themes, religious and non-religious

You can send Large 5×7 inch cards to UK, European cards and Canadian countries for as little as $1.69 each including postage! Each card will deliver within 7 days.

Sending innovative Christmas cards was never so easy like now with this app!


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4. Christmas Ringtone


Customize your phone with the spirit of Christmas! Set Christmas tone as your phone’s ringtone that is the most popular Christmas Ringtones and Soundboard. The download rate of the app is consistently increasing depicting the popularity of the app in the market.

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5. Santa’s Village


Is it so that the game you like is not for your little daughter? Or the game your wife like you don’t enjoy it? If so then here is a game for your complete family. Santa’s Village. This is perhaps the most anticipated season for the game that lets you enjoy from awesome 360-degree views of Santa’s Village!

The game requires you to build a better and bigger village.  Your goal is to save Christmas from being ruined by the Grumpkins!

The game comes with some exciting features like you can customize your North Pole paradise with over 120 buildings and decorations and Get quests from Santa and a cast of unique Christmas characters as you grow your Village.By far the most exciting feature is  that you can explore your Village in 3D!  you can also Zoom and rotate around your buildings to find hidden prizes. This game is splendid on your tablet where you can view the village and play about it with pinch and zoom gestures in a better way.

You can synchronize your mobile device regularly to back up the Santa’s Village level that you’re on.


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6. Kids Christmas Jukebox


This is one of the most exciting apps that your children will enjoy most. The app comprises of 6 beautiful xmas songs. The interface is very simple so that your kids can independently enjoy the app and sing the songs along! Though simple animation would have been more entertaining for the kids yet the app will glue your kids to the phones at least this season!


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7. Where’s my Water?


One of the most popular games in the Market, by Disney, gets the seasonal update. The updated version comes with 140 challenging levels. The game is further addictive as the tory of Swampy unfolds as you play. Swampy’s cute, he’s funny, he just wants to take a shower with his beloved rubber ducky!With each level you succeed you get bonus levels and achievements that will keep you glued to your phone,

The game is actually a puzzle based on physics and will compel you for brainstorming. The game looks splendid on retina display and for a moment you will simply want to ogles the graphics and not play!

Special Promotion: THE 10 DAYS OF SWAMPY. For 10 days beginning December 20th, a new level will unlock each day. Solve each of these and you will receive a special gift on January 1st! Hurry up grab your gift from Disney these holidays.


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8. Talking Santa


The app right for your Christmas for your kids. Meet the graceful Santa and his cat Ginger. As your child to talk to Santa and so that he repeats your words to Ginger. You can poke, slap or tickle Santa to see his hilarious reactions. Or you can tickle Ginger and enjoy its funny gestures. Poke the toys the train and find interesting surprises! One of the best apps for Christmas on the market.


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9. Bubble Blast Holiday


Bubble blast, almost all the android users are freaks of Bubble blast.  Bubble blast gets a season edition that is splendid. The new edition comes with Puzzle mode with 2500 exclusives levels.


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10. Zlango icon messaging


This app is  not only for messaging, its lot more fun. Text using your Zlango icon messaging with Xmas customized icons. Upgrade your messaging experience this season with Zlango’s Christmas edition. The app comes with over 1000 icons and the library is increasing. The app comes with distinctive icon themes, skinZ and live wallpaper that will make your messaging experience much more fun!


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Hope you enjoy your vacations and Christmas with your Android Phone!