0 A.D. Alpha 4 "Daedalus" comes with many new features and improvements

“0 A.D. Alpha 4 Daedalus” is released, this new alpha release from Wildfire games comes with many new features and improvements,  now you can play against a (rudimentary) computer opponent, build Celtic warships, fishing boot and Greek Fishing Boot , see gradually blending terrains, march your troops past beautiful bridges and more!.Workspace_1_001

0 A.D Alpha4 New features  :

New programming features in this release:

  • Added initial prototype version of opponent AI: It can train female citizens, collect resources, build houses, farms & barracks, train soldiers & send them to the enemy civ center.
  • Improved fog-of-war rendering.
  • Fixed terrain texture blending.
  • Added opt-in automatic feedback system.
  • Fixed foundation obstruction handling.
  • Added support for build limits.
  • Extended animal AI: Animals like Lions, Elephants, etc. can now fight back, and some escape farther away from perceived threats.
  • Improved driver version detection code.
  • Various performance improvements.

New art and sound features in this release:

  • New Naval Units: Celt Warship, Celt Merchant Ship, Celt Fishing Boat, and Greek Fishing Boat.
  • New siege weapons: The Celts can now build battering rams from their fortresses.
  • Bridges: Eyecandy edge pieces to use in the Atlas editor.
  • New in-game sound effects: Including ship movement, ship selection, female citizen acknowledgment, dog bark, dog acknowledgment, wood chopping, metal ore mining, stone mining, siege weapon acknowledgment, and ram movement.

Room for improvement:

  • There is no random map generation yet.
  • Many unit stats are still unbalanced.
  • Many planned gameplay features are not added yet: There is no research, no auras, no rank upgrades, no settlements and territories, etc.
  • Many bugs and small missing features.
  • There is no multiplayer matchmaking service. You have to connect by IP address. (More convenient ways may be implemented in the future).

Installation :

To install O.AD “Daedalus” in Ubuntu and LinuxMint :

Open terminal and enter the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:wfg/0ad
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install 0ad

To launch the game go to Menu–> Games–>0 A.D or  type in terminal  :


For other linux distribution please check our previous post.

Useful Links:  http://wildfiregames.com/0ad/

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