0 A.D. Alpha 10 Jhelum has been released

0 A.D., the free and open-source ancient warfare real time strategy game, has just released it’s tenth Alpha which comes with many new features and material.

The new release includes the following highlights:

  • The developers felt that the Hellenic faction was too pluralistic to exist as is, so it broke into three different factions, the “naval” Athenians, the “siege” Macedonians and the “stiff” Spartans.
  • Addition of more researchable technologies that provide economic, or military bonuses.
  • Building of walls is now working as should (click and drag to build). That is great news, but unfortunately the building of the gates is not ready yet.
  • Priests that could already be trained at the temple, are now able to heal other units in range.
  • Graphical improvements that include new models and artwork, prettier selection rings, support for specular effect.
  • Availability of configuration options that can improve the game FPS.
  • 9 new maps
  • Some usability and random map script improvements.
  • Many bug fixes


In my opinion, 0 A.D. did a small but important step towards completion with this alpha release. The wall building and healing are two things found in almost every single real time strategy game and it felt unnatural that they didn’t work in 0 A.D. Also, giving options to increase performance is an element that affects positively a very problematic sector. If you want to know more about 0 A.D., read our interview with Wildfire Games, Aviv Sharon.

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