Wine 1.5.9 has been released!

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Wine is a free and open source application that allows users to run Windows software on other operating systems. Wine is always under heavy development with the team preparing one release every 2 weeks. Today, the founder and current leader of the project Alexandre Julliard, announced the availability of version 1.5.9 that brings some important additions and fixes.

What’s new in this release:

  • - Support for GPOS font tables in Uniscribe.
  • - Support for XRandr 1.2 and 1.3.
  • - Parser improvements for the HLSL compiler.
  • - More key exchange algorithms supported on Mac OS.
  • - Relay tracing on ARM.
  • - Various bug fixes.


Most important specific applications problems addressed:

- Dogfighter (Steam) hangs when changing the video settings

- Dragon Age: Origins DVD authenticity checks fail
- Winamp [5.623]: Application crashes at startup, needs msvcr90.dll.bsearch_s
- Photoscape needs msvcp90.dll
- Dota 2 won’t render with d3d9ex
- Mathematica 8.0.1 crashes on startup
- StarTopia: crashes while loading
- Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition: SQL Server System Configuration Checker fails
- EverQuest II: Launchpad hangs while loading
- Rise of Nations : Will not Start
- Amnesia – The Dark Descent: launcher.exe crashes on start
- MathCad 15 can’t acquire trial license
- ChessBase 2009 Light help viewer crashes

Ubuntu and Linux Mint users do the following:

Open the Software Sources menu by launching the “Ubuntu Software Center” and selecting Edit->Software Sources. Choose the “Other Software” tab and click “Add”. Then copy and paste this ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa as shown in the following picture:

Once you add the repository you can update to the latest wine from your “Update Manager”.

Download Source

Download for other Distributions

For questions please refer to our Q/A forum at :

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