What You Can Do with Rooted Android

I’m sure you, as an average Android user, know what rooting is. But just to revive your memory- rooting means getting extra permissions and rights to use the phone software. With extra privileges, you can load your own custom software in the phone and increase its performance. You can even install some software for free that would otherwise cost you money. So basically, rooting means hacking.

What you can do?

Get ROMs

Ever heard of people who load custom ROMs? ROM is actually software that helps in running your phone/tablet. It is a code segment stored in phone’s Read Only Memory. There are many ROMs on the internet that you can load in your phone, and change the entire look and feel. Let’s say you have an old Android device that has an old version. You can root it and install the latest Android version on it. Now your old device will be at par with the new and cool phones. There are many places from where you can find great ROMs.

Load themes

When your phone is rooted, you can control all aspects of your phone. You can control each icon individually. Or you can create your own themes and install. Such themes will change the entire feeling of the phone.

Increase battery and speed

You can get various custom apps and ROMs for the device. They will change the performance of your phone.  The right ROM will not just change the look of phone, but will give much better battery performance and higher speed. Many developers tweak the system kernel. This increases the phone performance even more.

Get latest versions

Still running Froyo? Get the latest versions of Android. It isn’t possible unless you root your phone. If you are tech savvy and want to get the best and the latest, then rooting will help you stay on top. Also, you can get the latest patches and updates launched by Android community. You don’t have to wait for the manufacturer to send these updates on your device.

Improve call quality

When you root your device, you can update the Baseband. Baseband is something that controls phone radio. By updating Baseband, you can enhance quality and signal for your phone calls.


When you use the stock build, you will miss out the sweet backing up abilities of Android. With the help of rooting, you can backup all data and apps really easily. There are several backup apps available that run on rooted phones. You can use them and keep your precious data safe.

Well Android rooting sure sounds fun. But wait, here are the potential risks:


If the rooting goes wrong somewhere, your software will be so badly corrupted that your phone will become useless. Then it will be as useful as a brick.


You will also pose a big risk to the security of your phone. With rooting, there is a higher risk of malicious apps attacking your phone.

  • Bill_Toulas

    It would be interesting to know what are the chances of “Bricking” your phone. Is this a usual phenomenon or a rare unlucky one? Are some ROMs more dangerous than others? 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1183131967 Alius Panfilovas

     I’ve rooted many phones and never bricked any of them. I think possibilities to brick are if in the middle of rooting process disconnects cable or windows crashes. I don’t think that there is possibility to brick it if everything done carefully by instructions.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1183131967 Alius Panfilovas

    I can add real advantages as encrypting SSH, screencast, ad blocking, cpu overclocking and other goodies :)

  • Jfllata

    the really question is “what you can’t do with rooted android”

  • http://www.facebook.com/matthew.a.murphy.5 Matthew A Murphy

    Now your old device will be at par with the new and cool phones.

    this statement is wholly incorrect and sets an expectation that cannot be met.

    an older phone or tablet may or may not meet the system requirements to install, much less use a newer OS, also as the hardware is older it would not be on PAR with a newer device.

    I am unsure how anyone who has any technical background could or would make this statement, if you on the other hand have no tech experience, i can understand whay that statement would be used, but then i would have to ask why you are posting an article about technology, when it is quite obvious you have little to no experience.

    this is similar to saying if you paint your pinto red, it will be on par with your neighbors new corvette.

    simply TRASH!

  • Aamir Saifi

    thats awesome well rooting an android device is such a wise step but for beginners What Is Android Rooting Is It Safe For Beginners