Valve Has Released A New Version Of Steam For Linux

Valve Has Released A New Version Of Steam For Linux

Valve has officially announced the release of a new version of the Steam client for the linux platform, bringing many new features and improvements to the table. As usual, this release of Steam contains many Linux-specific changes and improvements such as support for setting voice input device in Big Picture and updated steam-runtime for Ubuntu 14.04 compatibility.

There are also many fixes done with this release. The hang when using certain UI toolkits that relied on SIGCHLD has been fixed and there will be no more crashes occurring when more than ten processes are attached to the Steam overlay.

It is worth mentioning that this version of the Steam client is compatible with the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS linux distribution which was released a few days ago.

Some of the changes are listed below:

  • Added support for regional EULAs
  • Improved caching of leaderboard API requests
  • Improved handling of warnings on unrecognized links in chat
  • Fixed bug causing Windows service log message “Error: Failed to poke open firewall”
  • Fixed installing games from older retail discs
  • Fix message shown when you unblock someone
  • Improved keyboard accessibility in block/unblock success dialog
  • Fixed removing empty sub folders after game updates
  • Fixed SteamGuard UI problem preventing login in rare configurations
  • Fixed launching games dialog getting stuck in “Preparing to launch…” state
  • Fixed installed apps detecting content updates
  • Fixed inability to install games or force updates outside of the auto-update time window, if specified
  • Fixed repeated attempts to apply pending updates to a game that is currently running

You can read the official announcement here.

  • Ilannguaq Bendt Peter Kivioq

    Good.. Nice to see that Valve really is taking this seriously… I like Ubuntu waay more than Windows, now we only need to see more games.. And some better GPU tweaking options like i.e MSI Afterburner.. Now I use NVClock to regulate my GPU fan manually, because NVidia x server doesn’t allow me to.. But I wouæd like to see a better way to do so with some gui, like msi Afterburner.. And I hope more developers will make games for Linix too :-)

  • oldrocker99

    Now, if Desura would just update THEIR Linux app so it doesn’t crash when you select a forum or try to play a video…