The Utilite Linux Mini PC

The Utilite Linux Mini PC

Hello guys!

Sometimes we need to test or use another Linux distribution than the one we use to complete our daily tasks and setting up a virtual machine is not always the best solution. Have you heard about the Utilite Linux Mini PC?

utilite-computer-3The Utilite is a very good choice for users looking for a Linux Mini PC at an affordable price. This device is launched by Compulab, which is the manufacturer of the MintBox. Mintbox is a little Pc box which runs Linux Mint operating system. Utilite ARM-based Linux computer costs only $99, a fair price if we take in consideration what this device has to offer.

The Utilite linux device has 2 GB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage, which can be extended using a micro-SD card. This mini computer supports both Ubuntu Linux and Google Android. If you like, you can also upgrade the device the Utilite Standard which comes with with a dual core processor and 2 GB of RAM along with 8 GB of internal memory and micro-SD card support. This device is the first ARM-based model from the company to feature Freescaleā€™s i.MX6 processor family and in my opinion is the best way to run Ubuntu and other GNU/Linux operating systems without buying expensive hardware.

The Utilite has single core, dual core and quad core options for the processor and an also support HDMI + DVI, 2x GbE, Wi Fi and Bluetooth. There is also the Utilite Pro which comes with a quad core processor and 2 GB of RAM along with 32 GB of internal memory. Utilite Pro has support for:

– micro-SD card
– 2x GbE
– WiFi
– Bluetooth

This mini Pc also features 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports , PDIF and stereo audio jacks as well as wo RS232 serial ports. A very good thing about Utilite is the the low power consumption, 3 to 8 watts of power.

  • Teddy Lovely

    Seem good device, but If you just need a Linux “mini” PC, just use for testing delight services or applications, and take care about money, you can look at Raspberry Pi, 35$ – 512mb Ram, external storage, and I play it for NAS, Citadel mail server, programs, HD player…but just for testing services. However, if you don’t mind about money much, I’m still prefer have one Utilite :D

  • Peter Bauer

    If you go for a Utilite pro the 32 GB built in SSD makes a huge difference. The SSD is about 5x times faster than a Class 10 SD card. So if you want a fast desktop go for the pro. I did some Benchmarks comparing it to a Raspberry Pi, you can find details here:

  • geek42

    i’d prefer a mips based mini pc, but i could understand arm have better software supporting

  • MikeH

    I too would prefer a mips based mini computer. I have an ippea which is just amazing but that is not being sold any more. Hopefully when Imagination Technologies (new owners of mips patents) get their act together, mips will be common place.

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