User Management For Ubuntu/Debian And CentOS/RedHat Servers (Video)

User Management For Ubuntu/Debian And CentOS/RedHat Servers (Video)

In this video, I am trying to teach your the very basics of user management in both Debian and Red Hat based distros. To do this, I am using two virtual machines in which I am connected to through SSH (secure shell) and then I am doing the same process: Create a user, elevate its privileges (to be able to use “sudo” commands) and then delete the user. In this video, we are going to modify the sudoers file which is locate under /etc/sudoers using the visudo program (specialized for this file). If you are running an older version of Debian prior to 7, you are going to need to install the sudo package (just use the apt-get install sudo command). Inside the video there are mistakes on purpose in order to observe how to do simple troubleshooting in case of getting similar errors. I am also showing you how to confirm the changes you’ve made.

Check the video below:


  • Elmer

    Wow you make your promise to us to provide more tutorials such like this.. i like now linux world because all of you guy’s are willing to spend a lot of time to share your knowledge.. keep up the good work guy’s, many newbies are willing too be educate in this wonderful linux operating system..

  • Mark Dunn

    These videos are beyond fantastic. Thanks!