Howto upgrade Opensuse to 11.4

Question: How  to upgrade  Opensuse 11.x  to  11.4 ?opensuse-logo



1- First  upgrade  you packages  to the  last  version with :

zypper refrech
zypper  up

and  reboot

Important :Please  be carefull  and  make  a  backup to  your  home  directory   and  to your  repo files  /etc/zypp/repod.d/*

cp   -p  /etc/zypp/repod.d/* /home/user

Then  remove them the repositories

rm  -rf /etc/zypp/repod.d/*

2- Add  new   11.4 reposotries to this  directory  using the command :

zypper addrepo OS


2-Add  Non-OSS  repository using the command

zypper addrepo non-OSS

3-add  the  Packman repositoy   for  extra  packages  and multimedia:

vi   /etc/zypp/repod.d/Packman.repo

and  add these lines :

name=Packman repository (openSUSE_11.4)

save  and  exit


Now refresh and upgrade

zypper  refresh
zypper up


When upgrade is done, restart your computer.


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  • Ken Jennings

    The same directions seem to work fine for upgrading to 12.1. I upgraded a server last night from 11.2 to 11.3 to 11.4, and then to 12.1 and it went flawlessly. Usually I download the DVD ISO and reinstall from scratch. The in-place upgrade works so well, I may do the network update instead to all my systems.