Upgrade To Firefox 30 On Ubuntu via Official Repository

Upgrade To Firefox 30 On Ubuntu via Official Repository

Firefox 30 released just few days ago has been added to the official repository of Ubuntu.

Users wanting to upgrade can to via the terminal or Synaptic.

From Terminal.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install firefox


Using Synaptic

Launch Synaptic

Refresh package for latest updates.

Search for Firefox

Right click on firefox and Select Mark for upgrade.


Apply changes.

apply changes

wait for download and upgrade.


You’re done.

  • Jan Emmelkamp

    Ehm.. What a useless post! Firefox comes installed in Ubuntu and devirates by default and it will upgrade automatically when your system does its regular update.

  • SK

    Of course, Firefox comes preinstalled in Ubuntu and its derivatives. The author described how to upgrade to Firefox 30, not says how to install it. What if I turned off the automatic update, and want to upgrade to FIrefox?

  • Jan Emmelkamp

    But SK, the terminal commands instruct how to install, not to upgrade/update. That’ s my point.. The synaptic way does show the upgrade, true.

  • SK

    The terminal command does the upgrade too. Pls have a deep look at the terminal picture of this post. It says: “the following packages will be upgraded” after entering the command “apt-get install firefox”. However, I agree, It’s very basic post, but not a useless one.

  • Jan Emmelkamp

    Ok.. I had seen that in the terminalscreen. Maybe the first reaction was a bit bold, but being a long time user I sometimes wonder how some people seem to create difficulties. Linux (Ubuntu/Linux MInt) is so very much userfriendly, if you keep your fingers from all kinds of settings, almost everything is done automatically. And in my case always flawlessly. So why change it? Why make it more difficult than strictly necessary?

  • SK

    Agreed! I appreciate your feedback. We’ll try to give our best. Thank you.

  • http://www.enockseth.blogspot.com Enock Seth Nyamador

    Thanks SK for your replies. Hi Jan your feedback has been noted, Thanks.

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