Ubuntu 14.04 LTS AIO (All-In-One) DVD With Ubuntu Derivatives

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS AIO (All-In-One) DVD With Ubuntu Derivatives


Hey Guys,

Good news isn’t it? Yes, 5 Ubuntu derivatives all in one ISO file. One thing I like about this is no more clearing ISO files of the distros on these AIO ISO from USB drives. Mounting this AIO ISO to a USB drive saves you a lot of time. What do have to say about this AIO DVD?

Ubuntu Derivatives on DVD

Ubuntu All-In-One DVD was created by Milan Rajcic and Zeljko Popivoda has the following Ubuntu derivatives:

  • Ubuntu 14.04 64bit
  • Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 64bit
  • Kubuntu 14.04 64bit
  • Xubuntu 14.04 32bit
  • Lubuntu 14.04 32bit

Get It

You really need one of this ISO’s

You can download from:

Read more about the project here


  • Elmer

    thank you so much..

  • Patryk Poblocki

    Is there Xubuntu and Lubuntu 32bit only? If so then why?

  • Etescartz

    I usually did this with different distributions all together, using Live USB MultiBoot from http://liveusb.info/dotclear/ . I wanted the best toolbox OS-es out there on my 16GB USB thumbdrive. Just download the distribution’s “.iso” and add them. The grub setting for the AIO you are creating, using this method is fully customizable. I would be surprised if the authors of this AIO “.iso” file didn’t use the same technique.

  • Steve French 247


  • Etescartz

    If you read the official website’s front page, you’ll see that they explained this aspect.
    I would advise checking the article in full before posting questions that have been pre-answered. Enock already mentioned :
    “Read more about the project here “

  • Flexo

    xubuntu and lubuntu should be lightweight distros and x86_64 uses more ram and cpu

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  • http://ubuntuaio.wordpress.com/ Milan Rajcic

    Thank you so much for sharing our project on your web site. We really appreciate this.

    Milan Rajcic and Zeljko Popivoda – Ubuntu AIO team

  • http://ubuntuaio.wordpress.com/ Milan Rajcic

    No we didn’t use that technique.

  • http://ubuntuaio.wordpress.com/ Milan Rajcic
  • Elmer

    please be patient to us, such like me i’m beginner in this Operating System, i really don’t know much more in Linux world, that’s why when i found Unixmen, i found those friends, are willing to share there time, effort and knowledge to those people are willing to learn a lot.. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, please say regards to your friend Zeljko..

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  • http://www.maravento.com/ Maravento


  • http://ubuntuaio.wordpress.com/ Milan Rajcic

    I just want to inform you that we extended our Ubuntu AIO project and it
    is now called Linux AIO. You can find new releases and more details on
    Thank you for your support from Milan and Zeljko – Linux AIO team..

  • http://www.enockseth.blogspot.com Enock Seth Nyamador

    Thanks Milan for this update will write about it soon. Cheers! :-)!