UberStudent, A  Linux Distribution For Learners

UberStudent, A Linux Distribution For Learners

UberStudent is a free linux distribution developd by students with students in mind. It is intended to be a Linux for learners, linux newbies, students and teachers. UberStudent is the perfect Linux distribution for teaching and sharing knowledge with other people at higher levels. This linux distribution is ranked the most popular educational Linux distribution in the world. UberStudent operating system is highly in tune with student needs, elegant, powerful and the perfect tool for getting your actual schoolwork done.

slide-image-1UberStudent is developed by Stephen Ewen who is a specialist in postsecondary literacy, academic success strategies, and educational technology. But, UberStudent is not only for academic computing, if you like you can use it for multimedia, graphics, messaging and even gaming. Yes, you can play your favourite games in the same machine you use to do your homework, isn’t this amazing? This secure user-friendly distro contains many student oriented programs such as Audio/Video, Games, Graphics, Internet, and several other categories. UberStudent contains so many education-specific tools you will be amazed by the new things you will discover and learn. It also can be used in academic institutions and organisations as a tool for performing the daily tasks or in academic computing.

uberstudent-1.0Uberstudent is more than an operating system, it is a platform for learning, teaching and turning your dreams into reality. You can move to the next level and develop new skills by using this distribution, this amazing learning tool. UberStudent is cost-saving, can easily be configured and is the prefect friend for a hardworking student.

Technical Info About UberStudent Linux Distribution

UberStudent is released mainly under the GNU GP license with XFCE, MATE, and LXDE Editions as default user interface. It is a long term supported unix-like operating system based on Ubuntu Linux distribution and uses Monolithic, Linux 3.5 kernel type. This student distro is maintened and developed by UberStudent EdTech and community contributors. Are you a student? A learner? A doer? Then, what are you waiting, go and give a try UbesrStudent and see what it offers to you. As always, do not forget to share you experience with us.

  • Teddy Lovely

    I’m not testing it yet, but I’m also hear about edubuntu also a distribution for educations, so what different UberStudent vs Edubuntu !?!

  • Enock Seth

    I love the User Interface (UI). Will give a try soon.

  • Robert Kaufman

    Love the UI. Runs great from USB as a live disk. But Skype won’t install on the 64 bit version. I clicked the Install Skype menu entry, a terminal window opens and shows it downloading the skype file; a couple more lines flash at the bottom of the terminal, so fast I can’t read them, then the terminal closes, without any error messages, or warnings. I tried installing from the deb file, I downloaded from skype’s web site and I get an error message, stating that it can’t download additional required files…

  • Dimitris

    Skype is a 32bit app for the moment but on 64bit systems you need to install the ia32-libs package (I think that’s what ubuntu calls it as well; open a terminal and type apt-cache search ia32 and you will find out what packages you need to download). You also need to have the QT4 libs all downloaded (because I think it’s a qt application if I remember correctly).

    After that try installing Skype again.

    Hope this helps

  • Carling

    one can only say download it and try it out, then you will see the difference, Uberstudent is well ahead of edubuntu.

  • Ian Simmons

    lol http://uberstudent.com/slideshow-tour/ says it’s more than just a bunch of packages and then proceeds to tell about all the pre installed packages.

    Will probably check it out, out of curiosity though.

  • booksnmore4you

    Run the Update Manager. Then the Skype installer will work.

  • booksnmore4you

    There’s *a method* to the chosen packages.

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