Top Linux Distributions, 2012

Top Linux Distributions, 2012

2013 is just around the corner and it’s time to wrap up the Linux world’s happening for 2012. So let’s start with a most obvious thought “Which Linux distributions made to the top?!”

Linux Distribution Trends 2012

  • arochester

    Where do the numbers come from for you to make graphs?

    If it is Distrowatch remember that they only keep figures for the number of clicks on Distrowatch pages —and that is fairly meaningless.

  • nifosio

    i thought the same when was reading it. All those data seems sniffed from distrowatch stats

  • Joel dos Santos Almeida

    This is so wrong… Distrowatch only measures the number of clicks for download a distro, not the number of people who actualy use it…

  • TobiSGD

    They don’t even measure the number of downloads, they simply measure the number of clicks on the specific sub-sites on Distrowatch.
    This article is simply meaningless.

  • Jay

    Agreed, Ubuntu has such a bigger reach simply by the volunteer giving to people in africa than what the chart shows. Wish linux would put a call back in for what distro runs. Anyway i hear of a new company forming to sell Linux in malls across america? Anyone hear that?

  • Brian Bentsen

    I’m a Mint user and don’t mind positive press, but this blind emphasis on distrowatch is ridiculous. The site can be used to gauge trends among a certain subset of experienced distro hoppers, it cannot be used to say anything in general about the popularity of distros.

  • Fandangio

    I really like this site as it is an excellent resource but this data is worthless.

  • Keksys

    New Ubuntu in Africa? You mad?

  • PuzzledObserver

    Please explain the unit of the values used in the graphs. Where did these values come from? In particular, do you know which Linux I am running? If not I would like to know the rules you have used to rank distro popularity.

  • Ayesha

    What makes you say that?

  • Ayesha

    Data source is DISTROWATCH as indicated beneath the graph.

  • Craig Jones

    Manjaro Linux Distro of the Year –for making Arch easier

  • Ade Malsasa Akbar

    What method used in this charting? Interview?

  • Giannis Avgeris

    You should change the title of the article, the most accurate would be “The most popular Linux Distribution on Distrowatch”. As it is now it is misleading and I guess it’s on purpose. Have a Happy New Year.

  • andreas gustafsson

    Using Distrowatch as a reliable source.

    Otherwise, Keep up the good work! :)