Tiny Core Linux 3.7 with option Gui install

Team Tiny Core is pleased to announce the release of Tiny Core Linux 3.7. Final change log: new multicore.iso both Tiny Core and Micro Core installation and network tools edition; new added kernel module for NTFS to base, allows read access to NTFS partition; new GUI loadpack to load, when required, Starter Pack after boot; updated rebuildfstab now supports NTFS-3G for NTFS-3G extension, allows read-write access; updated cpanel to reflect changes in the base; updated tc-functions to better handle TCVD virtual disk; updated network GUI to record udhcpc PID for services support when DHCP is requested


Final Change Log:

* New multicore.iso Both Tiny Core & Micro Core Installation and Network Tools Edition.
* New added kernel module for NTFS to base, allows read access to NTFS partition.
* New GUI loadpack to load, when required, Starter Pack after boot.
* Updated rebuildfstab now supports NTFS-3g for ntfs-3g extension, allows read-write access.
* Updated cpanel to reflect changes in the base.
* Updated tc-functions to better handle tcvd virtual disk.
* Updated network GUI to record udhcpc pid for services support when dhcp is requested.
* Updated /etc/skel/.xsession added -2button clause as 3 button/wheel remains functional while
also supporting 2 button devices.
* Updated appbrowser added color to indicate when tce directory is on /tmp (cloud mode).
* Updated appsaudit update function to remove temporary .info files and cosmetic menu change.
* Updated tce-load, rc.shutdown, and tce-removed to support named (alternate) onboot.lst.
* Updated flrun improved file name completion.
* Updated wbarconf desktop item had bad icon path.
* Updated freetype fonts to libfreetype 6.6.2.
* Updated iso images to add shortcut label tc and adjusted F2,F3,F4 screens.
* Added getKeyEventDevice to tc-functions (future use in the works).
* Improved system integrity with pause when certain unsupported file types are specified during boot, home/opt/tce.
* Added icons for editor and run.

* Moved fluff to extension.
* Removed libXaw as not needed in base and already handled by extension.

Note: Files that have changed and are likely in your backup:

.profile  FILEMGR environment variable. Was defaulted to fluff. You should change to the file manager
of your choice. This is used when mount tool mounts a drive and will attempt to call FILEMGR.


Download  : from this link:



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