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Create USB bootable disk using GNOME Disks

By default, Ubuntu ships with Ubuntu startup creator application to create bootable USB drive. For those who don’t know already, there is another built­in...

Linux Shell Scripting part-2: Message Displaying, User Variables and Environment Variables

In our last post on Shell Scripting, Starting with Linux Shell Scripting you have seen how to start with shell scripts. In our last post...

Opensuse behind proxy fix for Opensuse 42.1 or SLES

I was just fighting last day to make this configuration working.  how to fix that  in organizations like companies or schools to make zypper ...

Managing passwords in Linux with KeePassX

KeePassX keepassx is a password manager to allow users to keep the passwords safe by using the encryption alogorithms either AES (alias Rijndael) or Twofish...

Top 15 file compression utilities in Linux

A Brief introduction to file compression File compression is a routine task for most of the Administrators and normal users, to save disk space and...