Super boot manager – Great tool to Manage Burg, Grub2 and Plymouth in Ubuntu

The SBM is a gui based on buc with the main aim to manage Grub2, Burg and Plymouth.  Using this tool you can install and configure Burg,  change burg theme using many beautiful themes from a  gallery and more.


Super Boot Manager features

  • SBM support many languages


  • Super Boot Manager insterface, you can choose now if you want to run Burg manage, Grub3 manager or Plymouth manager


  • For Burg Manager, you can choose to install and configure Burg, install new nice themes from the gallery using Theme Tab

Features of Burg manager :

-Installation and emulation of Burg

-Setting default O.S., timeout, resolution and much other paramethers

-Removing old kernel and related menuentry

-Installation themes for burg (total 27 themes)

-Removing Burg e restoring Grub

-Boot iso


Burg themes Gallery


  • Plymouth Manager :  Allow you to change your Plymouth Theme in Ubuntu, also  to upload your or create your own. I found this tool very handy since it allow you to change the look of Polymouth with a simple click.

Features of Polymouth manager:

-Enable/Disable Plymouth

-Installation themes for Plymouth (total 53 themes)

-Creation of customized themes

-Compatibility for proprietary driver


Create your own theme


  • Grub2 manager : Allow you to configure Grub2 from a GUI

Features of Grub2 manager :

-Installation and emulation of Grub

-Setting default O.S., timeout, resolution and much other paramethers

-Removing old kernel and related menuentry

-Setting Grub wallpaper and text colors

-Boot iso



Installation in Ubuntu and LinuxMint:

Open terminal and enter the following commands :

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ingalex/super-boot-manager
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install super-boot-manager

– For other debian based distribution, download you need to install first Buc package then install the debian package. Download the packages from this Link.

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