Setup A Full Featured ITIL Management System Using Integria IMS On CentOS 6


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Integria IMS is a fully featured ITIL management system, featuring a ticketing system, inventory/CMDB, CRM, Wiki, Time tracking and Project management. Integria IMS is a unique software, which allows you to manage all the tasks related to customer management, and technical and commercial working groups from the same tool. It also integrates all the practices related to the IT development and management.

Integria IMS enables us to manage projects, incidents and workunits. Furthermore, it has a complete inventory system, a CRM system, a wiki, a basic task management system (“todo”), a knowledge base and a file distribution system. It also has a ACL system based on a user, a group or a profile in order to control the access to all the items of Integria IMS via web.

Integria IMS comes with three Editions: Open Source Edition, Small Enterprise Edition and Enterprise Edition. You can read the full comparison of the above three editions here.


– Full featured ticketing system.

– Project management.

– Inventory management.

– Contract, SLA, and contacts management, integrated with the ticketing system.

– WEB Based, AJAX featured.

– Email notify and reception for ticketing response.

– Integrated SLA warning notices by Mail.

– Multi profile, multi user, multi company system.

– File releases/Download system.

– Todo, agenda, integrated with project management.

– Time tracking system, integrated with the project management and the ticketing system.

Setup Integria IMS On CentOS 6.x

Before proceed, we should have a fully working LAMP server. To install LAMP server on CentOS 6.x please refer the following links.

Install LAMP Server on CentOS / RHEL / Scientific Linux 6.x

Install the following dependencies:

# yum install php-cli php-gd php-intl curl php-ldap php-imap php-mysql php-mbstring unzip

Then restart the httpd service.

# service httpd restart

Download Integria IMS

Download the latest version from here. Or you directly download it from Terminal using the following command:

# wget

Extract the zip file with command:

# unzip

Move the extracted files to web server root folder.

# mv trunk/ /var/www/html/integria

Change the permission to apache user as shown below.

# chown -R apache /var/www/html/integria/

Begin Installation

Open your web browser and navigate to http://ip-address/integria or http://domain-name/integria and follow the onscreen instructions.

Click Next on the welcome screen.

I N T E G R I A - Installation Wizard - Mozilla Firefox_001Accept the license agreement.

I N T E G R I A - Installation Wizard - Mozilla Firefox_002The installer will check all the required php modules are present. If everything seems ok, click Next to continue.

I N T E G R I A - Installation Wizard - Mozilla Firefox_003Now installer will ask you to create a new database and database user for integria. In this example, my database name is integria and database password is centos.

I N T E G R I A - Installation Wizard - Mozilla Firefox_004Click Next to complete the installation.

I N T E G R I A - Installation Wizard - Mozilla Firefox_005Integria IMS has been successfully installed now.

I N T E G R I A - Installation Wizard - Mozilla Firefox_006This installer will try to rename itself to ‘install_renamed.php’. But it is strongly recommended to delete it manually for security before trying to access to your Integria console.

# rm /var/www/html/integria/install_renamed.php

Access Integria Web console

From your browser, go to http://ip-address/integria/index.php. The default username/password to access Integria administration dashboard is admin/integria.

Integria IMS - the ITIL Management System - Mozilla Firefox_007Integria Administration Dashboard:

Integria IMS - the ITIL Management System - Mozilla Firefox_008Project Management:

Integria IMS - the ITIL Management System - Mozilla Firefox_009Inventory Overview:

Integria IMS - the ITIL Management System - Mozilla Firefox_010Company Management:

Integria IMS - the ITIL Management System - Mozilla Firefox_011People:

Integria IMS - the ITIL Management System - Mozilla Firefox_012So you have successfully installed Integria IMS for your organization, now what? It is time to learn how to use Integria IMS for your company needs. I suggest you to view the Integria IMS video tutorials here and read complete Documentation here.