Run Linux on Windows without Virtualization using andLinux

If you are a windows user and you want to try linux without using dual boot or a virtual machine . As you know, in the dual boot, the user can run only one operating system at a time, while using operating systems in virtual environment there are chances of getting the machine slower due to overload. To use Linux and Windows simultaneously, we have an excellent option in the form of andLinux. andLinux is nothing but a full-fledged Ubuntu Linux system that can run seamlessly on Windows 2000 OSs like Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and 7 (32bit).

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andLinux is a free Linux OS that runs on Windows just like any other Windows software. Further, all Linux software also run on the machine as if they were running in native Linux OS and they require no modifications when using on andLinux.

Important Component of andLinux: coLinux

An important component of andLinux is coLinux, which is a port of the Linux kernel developed for running on Windows. This makes is possible for andLinux to run on Windows just like any other application without the need of virtualization. The whole package of andLinux comprises of coLinux, Ubuntu based Linux and the host of applications found in typical Linux OS. The whole package is installed on Windows OS just like any other application. In fact even file system of andLinux in located in Windows directory.

With virtualization there is excessive load on the processor and RAM gets jammed too especially in case of large applications related to videos. coLinux brings a sort of merger between Windows and Linux making the machine highly efficient to handle all types of tasks.

Starting andLinux

Installation of andLinux on Windows comprises of typical steps required for any software. Here are some important steps for starting andLinux demonstrated with screenshots:

1) The first step is how you want to start andLinux on your computer. You can start it manually in command prompt window, you can start it manually as NT services from Windows control panel, or you can start it automatically when Windows start.



2) If you are using minimalistic or XFCE version of andLinux you can launch the applications by choosing between XFCE panel and the andLinux Launcher if andLinux is started manually. If andLinux is started automatically, you can use only Launcher.



3) Now, if you want to access your Windows file on andLinux, you can either use coLinux File System (CoFS) or Windows file shares (Samba).


If you have selected the option of automatic start for andLinux, it starts automatically with Windows. If you have chosen manual start, you can use “Start andLinux” shortcut from start menu or from quick launch. If you have selected the option of command window, andLinux will start in a minimized window. When Linux is running you can start applications using XFCE panel or andLinux Launcher. When starting the applications for the first time they may start slowly as they perform configurations tasks.



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  • Coschuetzer

    It’s a bad advice to send Windows users to a Linux system which is outdated – extremely outdated: The latest AndLinux Version is from 05/2009 – so I assume it’s based on Ubuntu 9.04 – which doesn’t provide updates since a year. So it’s not only outdated, it is a security risk (well – maybe just a minor risk, considering that still Windows remains as the main system :) ).
    2 Years is an eternity in the Linux desktop world.
    In the result, Windows users trying AndLinux today will be frustrated and will never go back to Linux again – but what for? Because you are syndicated to LXer and need some click-karma?!. The last SVN update on sourceforge is 16 months old – looks like AndLinux is plain dead.

  • Joe

    Haresh–You’re a bit late. This project has been dead for quite some time.

  • Frank Hackett

    Best way to do it… use virtualbox in seamless mode. Check my website to see Backtrack 5 running in seamless mode.

  • Allen

    A much better solution would be to insert a Linux cd (distro of choice) and select use entire disk.

  • Zinovsky

    I agree with you, is the best solution ever :)

  • Zinovsky

    I agree with you, is the best solution ever :)

  • MOGH

    I recall a similar project, Phat Linux. That to the best of my knowledge is dead. What I remember is that Phat Linux installed in a Dir in Windows. How well it worked I can’t say, because I never trusted it to try it.

  • MOGH

    Sorry for the second post, but I did want to say above that I made the choice to just go with Linux all the way and be done with Windows.

  • jelabarre

    As I understand it, andLinux is a packaging of coLinux, which is still in some level of development (stable version is from April 2011, development version is from August 2011).

  • Zaf

    nice, linux will destroy windows

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  • sunil prabhu

    by having this feasibility of running linux on windows….. nobody will switch from Windows OS to linux OS….Windows will rule again..saying its a most popular OS ….:)

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  • Despina Stefanoska

    Can I install additional Linux programs if I run it this way?