Remote access, share desktop and transfer files with TeamViewer

TeamViewer is excellent software for allowing the control of your computer from remote places, sharing the desktop and transferring the files between Teamviewerthe computers or compatible devices all through the internet. TeamViewer is available not only for computer operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux, but also for mobile operating systems like Android and iOS.

Let us say you have software related problem in your computer and you are not able to solve it, all you have to do is just install TeamViewer and run it. When you start the software you get a code, give this code to the person located at the remote place having TeamViewer installed. Once this person puts the code he/she can get full control over your computer. He will be able to operate your computer just like you are operating it. You can see all the operations being performed by this person. This expert from remote place can find out the problem with the software and also solve it. Once the problem is solved you can stop the remote access and continue as usual. The remote person cannot access your desktop unless you give the code or password.



In a similar way you can take full control of the remote compute and operate it as if you are sitting in front of it. It is essential that TeamViewer should be installed in both the computers, the one which is to be remotely controlled and the one that will control it. Since the software is now available for mobile devices also, one can control office or residence computer right from the mobile.

Highlights of TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a small software, easy to download and easy to use. For the non-corporate purposes it is available free of cost. Let us see some important features of TeamViewer software:

1) Remote control support: TeamViewer enables you to control any computer from any place via internet just by installing a small application. The software can also be used with your Firewall running ensuring complete security. One can operate the far off computers as if they were located just in front of the person. One can also get access to unattended computers and servers. TeamViewer also has integrated feature for transferring the files and folders between the computers.

2) For online meeting, training and presentation: The versatile TeamViewer software offers excellent facilities for collaborating on the documents online, make presentations of the documents or products on internet, give sales or other talks, provide online training and do much more. There is messaging feature in the software that allows communication between a numbers of computers connected via TeamViewer. For collaboration between multiple people, TeamViewer applications should be installed and run on all the computers.

3) Remote Access of the Computers: TeamViewer enables you to remote control you residential computer even while travelling from your computer or mobile. You can easily maintain and update the servers of your clients beyond your working time hours. It is also possible to access machines running TeamViewer though the web browser.

 It is amazing to see the functions and features offered by such small software as TeamViewer that too for free. It is not only useful for the serious business and troubleshooting, but also for entertainment.

Teamviewer is available for Red Hat, Fedora, Mandriva (32/64-Bit), Suse, Debian /Ubuntu and LinuxMint, for other linux distributions, you can download and install the source package.

Download Teamviewer



  • http://enteryoursiteURL... Aaron

    Would support Teamviewer. I used to work with Windows remote desktop until I realized that needed a bit more functionality for providing professional service to clients through this application. At the moment I work with Teamviewer and Techinline remote desktop tools.In my opinion, that they are the best alternatives to all expensive products on the market at the moment.

  • Vincent

    Actually, TV not only has more features than Windows’ RDP (Remote Desktop), but unlike RDP, it doesn’t require reconfiguring the customer’s firewall so that support personel can connect to the customer’s host, something that, for some unknown reason, basically all remote control applications require.

  • http://enteryoursiteURL... Ron

    The reason TeamViewer does not require any configuration is the same reason why LogMeIn or do not require it… It’s because you are using a client which connects to a server in the middle which then connects to the server on the other end. The "server" on the other person’s computer is just a client in listening mode.

  • Conrad

    Meh. Proprietary. There are good libre solutions. VNC & RDP.

  • joe

    Been using it for quite some time. Use it on several windows boxes, and several linux boxes here. Works great with Mandriva, Mageia, and Fedora. No special firewall rules into our network. Tons of great features.

    We were using logmein, but team viewer seems faster, AND WORKS WITH LINUX…

  • Janet Fung

    TV is not free for business users. A decent and affordable alternative is RHUB remote support appliance (

  • Eugene Morello

    You may also want to try free Ammyy Admin

    It doesn’t require installation or specific config. It works behind gateways NAT without port mapping as well as within one LAN.

    Good alternative though!

  • krba

    Yes, TV is excellent software which can bring conclusion that you use TV for commercial… wel exactly “TeamViewer ***seems*** to be used in
    commercial environments… so dear team, so long.