Quick Tip: Convert .NRG To .ISO Format Easily Using nrg2iso On Ubuntu

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As you may know .NRG is the default output format of the Nero software. If you want to convert the .Nrg file to .ISO, then you can give a try to nrg2iso. It is a command line tool to extract the ISO9660 CD image data from Nero “.nrg” files. Even it shows the progress bar while conversion.


Install nrg2iso On Ubuntu / Linux Mint

nrg2iso is available in the Ubuntu universe repository. To install it On Ubuntu and its derivatives, enter the following command from your Terminal:

$ sudo apt-get install nrg2iso


Usage is pretty simple. The default syntax is:

$ nrg2iso <nrg-file> <iso-file>



          Display the help screen.


          Display the version

The .nrg file will be converted to .iso and saved in the current directory.

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