Pear OS 8 Linux Distribution Will Be Inspired by iOS 7

Pear OS 8 Linux Distribution Will Be Inspired by iOS 7

Pear Linux is a free Linux operating system created by David Tavares with the purpose of creating a simple but very powerful operating based on Linux. The good thing about this linux distro is that it is extremely easy to use and creates a friendly environment for linux beginners. Pear Linux is based on Ubuntu (debian) and provides an impressive repository. Being a linux distribution there is no need for antiviruses, anti-spyware etc.

Pear OS comes with thousands of free applications, many features and is very easy to use.

Minimum System Requirements

– Personal computer with a 64 bit processor
– 512 MB physical RAM
– 8 GB available disk space
– 800×600 display resolution

David Tavares, the creator of Pear OS shared with us the fact that iOS 7 inspired look of his upcoming Pear OS 8 operating system. He shared a screenshot on Google+. To be honest with you guys , I have to admit that the screenshot looks pretty good.iOS 7 has finally arrived on iPhone, iPad and iPod devices and it is time for some surprises in Pear OS 8. There are many nice things happening for Pear OS, David Tavares is preparin to give many nice things to the Pear OS users such as  Google Drive client for Ubuntu, called SyncDrive, and Pear Dev Center.


  • Irish Deoband

    I would really like to know what icon set that is..really amazing to see

  • Magalaan

    Nice surprise! It looks gorgeous. A bit like Elementary OS but less spartan. You still have the minimize buttons and you can still split windows in Nautilus 3.4.

    They did a lot of work to create their own apps too. Like a music and video player (my theater), though VLC is used as standard for movies. They made some really nice apps for bring security things together (pear security) and to tweak the appearance (my pear), pear contacts, pear cloud, pear PPA manager, peer system info, peer updater, and clean my pear. All the apps, including Firefox are nicely skinned to meet the style.

    I must say the result is much better than what you get when applying OSX-themes on other distros. It may not be original, but by God it is stunningly beautiful. This is done by stylists that have good taste with an eye for detail.

    Another great thing is the speed! I installed it on my AMD Brazo subnotebook that is pretty sluggish. And it felt faster than Ubuntu 13.04, Elementary OS Luna and DeepIn Linux which are pretty past too. That really surprised me. Updater works pretty fast too. Also wireless internet connection worked best out of the box with Peer OS.

    The beta still has minor issues. After installing Libre Office the menus were not shown in the menu bar and panel, though they could still be clicked. Peer system info crashed on launch. Also typing a name in the launcher did filter the apps but when selecting one with the arrowkeys and enter, it fails.

    What I miss? Shortcut keys for the Launcher and the search box. It would be great if one could be started with the superkey like in Windows 7.

    But this is one that I will keep. That is one of the great things about Linux, you can easily install many Linux distros side by side, let them share a swap partition and use a common data partition.