Pear Linux Comice OS 4.0 has been released! Screenshots Tour & Video

Comice Pear Linux OS 4.0 has been released, the new release comes with some news, improvements and bug fixes. PearOS4.0 comes with Comice OS Shell a theme of Gnome Shell, Pear Appstore a based Deepin Software Center that have a simple search and applications management through an interface style of Android Market. This release also comes with pre-installed Skype and LibreOffice, the kernel updated to version 3.2.0, Gnome Shell 3.2, firefox and other software were also updated to the latest version.

Download Pear Linux Comice OS 4.0


About Pear Linux Comice OS

“If you are just discovering Pear OS, then you will surprised by its Apple or Mac-like features right from its logo (a bitten pear in white, just like the bitten Applepearos used by Apple Inc. to the desktop features. Knowing that Macintosh is perhaps one of the most sophisticated computing systems, it indeed takes a lot of courage and sagacity to build a similar Operating System for the Open Source Platform. It has taken both of the above attributes, and more, for the Frenchman David Tavares to build an amazing distro as Pear OS.”

  • Perdue1202

    The Pear App Store is broken.

  • Heath Knight

    so agree about the pear store being broken. i have installed and can only state a little more work is required .
    nice to work with but  not quite there YET

  • tanmay.01

    is there a way to add comice shell to other debian os, like we can add pantheon(elementary os GUI) to ubuntu 11.10 and 12.04

  • Someone

    But does it play netflix?

  • Steveaspace-acman

    I have Pear and really like it. Installed on a Eee Netbook. App store works for me but does lag a bit sometimes but it does work.

  • Kamil Wierzbicki

     I had this system for a while. The App Store is not broken. It just has a problem with source  servers. Change them to another and the AppStore should work. Also, if you want, you can download Deepin Software Center which serves as a base for the AppStore (actually they only changed the logo).