Pardus2011- A Linux distro that needs your attention

Few days ago, Pardus 2011 was released, Major features in this release are: the latest Linux kernel 2.6.37 provides an up-to-date hardware support; the bootsplash technology used in Pardus 2009.2 is replaced by the new Plymouth engine; YALI, the pardusinstaller of Pardus, gained LVM/RAID and UUID support; Pardus 2011 comes with the latest KDE 4.5.5; Kaptan, the desktop customization tool, now optionally captures your picture and sets it as your avatar in KDE; GNOME NetworkManager 0.8.2 is now the default networking back-end; all GTK+ applications are rendered with Oxygen style; LibreOffice is the default office suite; Mozilla Firefox 4.0 beta 9 is the default web browser.”


About Pardus Linux

“Pardus is a Linux based, free software licensed national operating system developed by TUBITAK/UEKAE. Pardus comes with just one CD, containing all the drivers and internet tools, office set, multimedia players, editors, games and many other applications aiming at meeting all the desktop needs of a informatics-literate computer user; is easily installed and even easier to use.

Pardus has a full support for Turkish, can be installed in 12 different languages and can run in more than 60 languages. Pardus is used by hundreds of thousand of users around the globe, not to mention many public organizations, government entities, non-governmental organizations, universities, and private businesses.”


Pardus has a range of unique features, such as Mudur, a start-up framework of Pardus to speed up the boot process. PiSi, an efficient package management system with a user-friendly graphical interface, and Kaptan Desktop – an application aimed at helping you set up your Pardus environment.


  • PiSi package management

PiSi (Packages Installed Successfully as Intended, /ˈpiːsiː/) is the package management system of Pardus. It is the primary tool for installing, upgrading and removing software packages. PiSi stores and handles the dependencies for the various packages, libraries, and COMAR tasks. “Pisi” is a Turkish word meaning “kitty”, intended as a pun on the distribution’s name.

In Pardus, to install a package from terminal, you need to use pisi install command :

pisi install Package_name

To update the repository you type:

pisi update-repo

For more info about using pisi, open terminal and type

 pisi help 
  • Kaptan Desktop

Kaptan Desktop is an application aimed at helping you set up your Pardus environment. So the first time you run Pardus you get  Kaptan welcome screen inviting you to customize your Desktop, it gives you the possibility to choose the theme, icons, wallpaper, Menu and more.



Download Pardus2011

Download Pardus2011 from the following links:

Pardus-2011-i686.iso (1,103MB)

Pardus-2011-x86_64.iso (1,122MB)

Pardus-2011-Live-i686.iso (1,256MB)

Pardus-2011-Live-x86_64.iso (1,276MB).

Pardus2011 Screenshots tour

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  • LOlwuT

    who it are

  • limE

    Looks great, with a lot of polish. I like the way Kaptan encourages you to personalise your desktop on first use. There would be two things holding me back…
    Firstly, my understanding is that the amount of programs in Pardus’ repository are limited compared to other distros
    Secondly, I’ve become fond of the rolling release style. If this were available with Pardus, I would give it a better look.

  • lukaso666

    Another boring distro with heavy toy like KDE – good gadget as "vibrator" for newsbies…

  • lukaso666


  • Jan E

    Pardus is not a rolling distro. It is designed to be rock-stable. Which it is, by the way.. It has been developed bij the Turkish governement and is used there in universities, at the police and in the army.

    There are not many programs in the repo’s, but hey, it’s Linux, so you can install anything you want, using the sources…

    And hardware-recognition is absolutely fabulous! Give it a try…

  • Joe-Momma, that’s who!


  • Joe-Momma, that’s who!

    You’re a Jackass who probably discovered Linux a month ago and your shit computer cant run a KDE OS.. go update your shit hardware… idiot!

  • Joe-Momma

    @lukaso666 You’re a Jackass who probably discovered Linux a month ago and your shit computer cant run a KDE OS.. go update your shit hardware… ixxx!

  • Joe-Momma

    Downloading now, I hear this is the best KDE Distro you can find…. so I’ll give it a go and if it’s nice, I’ll use it.

    Thank you Turks!


  • freddy head

    Joe-Momma isn’t nice

  • Ambleston Dack

    I’ve used Pardus Linux since V1.1 and its a great distro that just keeps getting better with every release. If you need a good Linux distro and you’re fed up with the most popular ones, give Pardus a try.

  • David

    FYI: All pics come in as ? marks in Safari.

  • JT

    While it’s true there are fewer packages in the repositories than say Ubuntu (somewhat over 3000, compared with about 20000), this is at least in part due to using somewhat bigger bundles.

    Given its roots it’s hardly surprising that it scores better on scientific & office software than on games, multimedia & social networking tools.

  • John

    Pardus is not a "new" distribution. But maybe not so known in english speaking countries yet. I have used the swedish version since 2008. About the programs in Pardus it have the most games, chat applications, office programs as the other known distributions.
    i saw this comment in [b]Pardus World Forum[/b] about it:

    "One can not just compare package count from distro to distro.
    Take kdesdk for example, in Ubuntu, kdesdk is a meta package, depending on many others, while in Pardus, kdesdk contains all of the programs in one package. If that is good or bad is a matter of taste I guess.

    If you really miss a program, make a good request for it, tell them what it does, url, including links to source code, then the package count will grow."

  • Henrik

    I like Pardus because it "works out of the box"
    Put in a DVD movie and it works directly.
    In Ubuntu you must install libdvdc packages and other to get it work.
    In Pardus thoose things are pre-installed from start. So its very user friendly similar to Linux Mint.

  • Carling

    There as always got to be one or two . I say stick with what you know or want, most likely ubuntu crap that don’t work out of the box

    Though I am not a fan of KDE, I give credit where it’s due, Pardus is refreshing and fast and works out of the box

  • http://enteryoursiteURL... Todd Tompson

    The Lancelot Menue in Pardus is Flawless, this is by far the best KDE distro I have ever used… I thought Mint was the best for a about a year….then I tried this… I don’t think I can go back. (This Distro is perfect)

  • New User

    I’ve used almost every Linux (KDE) Distro that’s out there, icluding the latest (and worst) Linux Mint 10 KDE. Never have I used a KDE distro that was so thoroughly put together. I’m telling you and it’s no exaggeration when I say Pardus 2011 is the best KDE distro available to the public to date. I challenge any Linux user to try Pardus and see if you don’t feel the same way after using it for a few days. But I’m willing to bet you’ll fall in love with it during the install process. I’ve tried Mint, OpenSuse, Fedora, Mandriva, Sabayon, Chakra, PCLinuxOS, Zorin, (Not KDE, but similar) Kubuntu and I must say, none of them has impressed me to the level that Pardus did. If you want to have a fully loaded OS that will let you have a full blown media center, with video and audio editing, I’d recommend this Pimp of an OS. If you are using Windows 7 or Vista and you want to try out a Linux Operating system that will work and do everything you can do on Windows right out of the box. (and much more) I suggest using Pardus 2011. This OS walks you through the instal process and there is no way you could screw it up unless you are a drooling vegetable. If you’ve been using Mint and you think Mint is the best Linux OS for new users, I have news for you guys…. Pardus does Wayyyy more out of the box than Mint will ever do. Why this OS is not well known to the rest of the Linux community is beyond me and frankly, it’s a damn shame. I can’t stress enough how great Pardus 2011 is, I will never use any other Distro and I think if some of you give it a try, you’ll agree…

  • limE

    I did end up giving it a go, tried installing twice and had stability issues just after installing. However, i’m not writing it off, and hope to give a future release a go, but at the moment i’m happy using Pinguy.

  • Koray

    If you don’t like KDE it might be your system because new Pardus with LXDE, codename Bonobo has been released. You may give a try.

    About the compiled package number, give me a break! Debian has more than 29.000 package on it’s repo but how many package we use as regular user? I’m using only 10 or 15 programs :)

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  • Doyle

    There is no way to install any type of ‘locate’ command on Pardus. The developers seem helpless on this issue. The findutils package in their repos even have ‘locate’ and ‘updatedb’ removed. Compiling findutils from source fails. Unfortunately I can’t live without this convenience.

  • John

    You can write command lines in Pardus:

    I think you find the most here:

  • Carling

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  • http://enteryoursiteURL... evren kucuk

    most stable KDE distro I’ve ever tried. I advice to try.