OSHackers – Find a Linux lover near you!

OSHackers is a website that aims to count GNU/Linux users and place them geographically using their Linux distribution as the marker. You can visit OSHackers and put yourself on the map, and you can search for people that use Linux around your area.

Right now the website counts only 216 GNU/Linux lovers, but it is up to us to spread the word and make this tool more useful and feature richer.

The world as seen on OSHackers

The procedure is pretty simple. Just press the “Register Yourself” button on the lower right of the website and enter the required data. There are over 70 different Linux distributions to choose from, and you can even contact the registered users by mail.


  • http://twitter.com/lonerevolt KCD

    wow… very cool

  • Cjmannino

    Nice. Put my in!! 

  • Rémy Epke

    Lovely. Email and street address out in the open for everyone to see, no contact form, not the kind of site I’d register with.

  • Karsten Wöbber

    *sigh*  boring discussion…  you have 369 followers on google+, i need 5-10 to determine where you live, and an additional group of 5-10 to tell you more about you than you ever wanted to hear. 
    how? statistics. 
    you and your friends group around a location, where you live, work and party. 
    if i combine the area-statistics like “36% of the inhabitants in his neighbourhood earn more than x” with the information i get from a google-search (you are tech-savvy and most likely well educated, since you use linux[sabayon], but also like art[g+-profile-picture]. so you are likely to earn quite a bit, esp since your wife, who is not so tech-savvy, but likely uses an android phone[g+-profile to communicate with you, easy for party-invitations, etc] is pobably living with you. 
    that’s easy stuff. now i could start to search the open databases to determine where you live, what you do, whatever. 
    ALL OF THIS INFORMATION IS ALREADY FREELY AVAILABLE, if someone cares to gather it. 

  • Truman_show

    Nicely put !!
    Dear @google-43fc75e918b4ec19e9564e4666f1ffa9:disqus “information gathering experts” doesn’t need your help… they already have what they want, whenever they want.

  • tracyanne

    Nah, not going to happen, not when tis “Email and street address out in the open for everyone to see” is true.

    And No I don’t do google+ or facebook, for the same reasons.

  • tracyanne

     I have good reason to doubt that.

  • turtaf

    In order to keep it a way of counting people, you can also live the city where you are in a generic way, without having to tell your adress and give that email-for-spam address that all techy guys have…

  • turtaf

     ehm…not live, leave…sorry

  • GT

    Many of those who use Linux do so for privacy, security and encryption purposes. This would have to be the dumbest idea I’ve ever seen in relation to Linux, and believe me, there have been some dumb ones over the years!

  • Cory Hilliard

    I signed up!  I think that was the point of this, to get information about other Linux users!  I want to know who is in my area, and hope they contact me!

  • Rémy Epke

    For a boring discussion you did put quite some effort in it, and you actually gave me a good chuckle too.Now, let’s see. I hardly ever post anything on G+, and I’ve not posted my home address or phone number anywhere, so finding that may take you a little more than one or two Google queries. Most of those followers I don’t know and I ignore them. Those people that I do know, live all around the globe, as does my family, so good luck with area statistics. Where you got the idea that I’m married I really don’t know.
    Just about the only thing you got right so far is that I’m indeed a Linux user, which you could easily gather from the fact I’ve commented on this article, and indeed the URL to the Sabayon site is just about the only thing made public on my account.

    I do thank you though for calling my profile picture art, it’s a drawing of my cat, made by my girlfriend’s daughters.

  • Rémy Epke

    Government “information gathering experts”, yes, as I am a registered legal citizen with all the rights and duties that come with it.
    Commercial “information gathering experts”, no.

  • http://shadowfirebird.tumblr.com shadowfirebird

    No doubt this is true.  But it’s not relevant.

    By analogy: if I live in an area full of thieves, it’s likely I will get robbed.  But this is not an argument against locking my front door.

  • Rémy Epke

    True, but it would kind of defy the purpose of that website.
    Whether that purpose is to bring Linux users closer together or just to harvest info, isn’t clear, but also irrelevant in this statement.

  • BigDeek

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  • BigDeek

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  • BigDeek

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  • BigDeek

     if you dont like it then suck it bitch!

  • Rémy Epke

    Sorry sweetheart, you’re not my type.

  • BigDeek

    Dumbest fucking idea EVERRRR!!!!  Everyone who registered for this shit is a douche!  Fuck all of you

  • BigDeek

     Whats your type biatch?  lets do this!!!

  • Rémy Epke

    You amuse me. Dance for me, little troll.