online-convert- A nice website to convert your files the easy way

Online convert is free online file converter that lets you convert any media and document the easiest and fastest way from one format to another. No installation is required, what you need to do is to upload the file you want to convert, then  click -Convert-,  when is done, the new file will be downloaded to your computer .

Online convert support a lot of different source formats, and according to their website ” If you can’t find the conversion you need, please let us know and write us an e-mail. We probably can help you…”

For example if you want to convert a doc odt file to .docx, simply upload the file and your document will be converted  in some seconds

  • GG in NJ

    What happens to your files after you leave? Hopefully, they are deleted immediately. That is one terms of service I would most definite read very carefully. Not saying anything inappropriate is done with them, but the possibility is there.

  • rksomayaji

    The files are kept for you to download on their servers for 24 hours. if you wish you could delete the files after you download them

  • Tioz

    LibreOffice seems to able to all of this within my own system.