Modem Manager GUI: Linux Mobile Partner Application For USB Modems

Modem Manager GUI: Linux Mobile Partner Application For USB Modems

Modem Manager GUI is frontend for ModemManager daemon able to control specific modem functions.

For users of USB modems/dongles there is no official or native Linux Mobile Partner application for them, especially those manufactured by Huawei, ZTE and others. I see this as development/software bias towards Linux distro users.

As a user of one of this modems myself I find difficult previously sending USSD codes, seeing device info, contacts, statistics and others as users on these modems on other operating systems does, especially Windows. Then I came across Modem Manager GUI and know you will find it useful too.

Main features:

  • GTK3 interface
  • Send and receive SMS messages with messages concatenation



  • Send USSD request and receive answer in system encoding


  • Get modem and SIM information (Device info, Operator name, Mode, IMEI, IMSI/ESN, Signal level)


  • Scan available mobile networks
  • Control data transmission process and set session traffic and time limits


It’s good to see Modem Manager GUI in the official repositories of most and popular Linux distros.


yum install modem-manager-gui

Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint:

sudo apt-get install modem-manager-gui

Via Ubuntu (PPA):

 sudo add-apt-repository ppa:linuxonly/modem+manager+gui
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install modem-manager-gui

Arch Linux / Manjaro Linux:

sudo pacman -S modem-manager-gui


  • mzan

    Yes indeed this is a very helpful application, and usually linux version of mobile partner app does comes with the dongle, but is in universal binary format. And it is also a bit easy to install for who have a bit of linux experience. :)

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  • Johan

    Thank you, works great! Hope you can implement some key shortcuts (delete SMS for example) and somewhere to enable device (without pressing SMS/USSD/Scan and then Yes)

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  • Tono Namikaze

    how to install this software on kali linux?

  • http://Fikriansyah.Net/ FlintSky

    yeah,,me to

  • Kiers

    BTW, don’t need USSD codes etc to check data usage: Linux has excellent utility vnstat. i use it and it works solid. get it at synaptic mgr.

  • Yazir Arafath

    Doesn’t detect my ZTE MF112.

  • Iresh

    how to change the network mode as HSPA preferred ..?please help