LinuxMint13 RC is available for testing| Screenshots tour

LinuxMint13 RC is available for testing, this release comes with 2 versions in a separated dvd`s: Mate and Cinnamon. For LinuxMint13 Cinnamon, apart of being very light offers some customization and integration of new applets, extensions and themes that can be found on the official website of Cinnamon. for Linux Mint13 Mate, also offers a version with the desktop environment that brings the user experience of Gnome Gtk 2 +3, this version is stable, fast and well integrated with Gnome 3.

Download LinuxMint13 RC Maya

Some screenshots from LinuxMint13 Maya with Cinnamon Desktop

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  • Me

    I like the menu but the three power buttons look the same.

  • Derisann

     I actually find the menu a bit cumbersome, but I’m otherwise satisfied with Cinnamon, an UI common sense injection after Gnome Shell and Unity.

  • Jason Morgan

    I’m not a fan of the menu… when I last used mint the menu was always slow, and you had to click in the actual search box to search your applications!
    also, I hate the left hand “favourites” icons… looks dodgy, but I don’t know what they could do to improve.

  • webboy

    I have used Mint for 4 years till last release. New design took me back to Kubuntu and I have to admit it was great choice. 

  • Evan

    Give Gnome Do a try. You will realize that you very seldom need a menu. It also searches files and folders, not just applications.

  • Conor Murphy

    You do know there’s Mint 12 KDE right? and it’s very likely there’s gonna be a Mint 13 KDE as it’s sponsored by the same people that have newly sponsored kubuntu.

  • tracyanne

     Yes I’m going to wait foe Mint 13 KDE, which shouildn’t be more than a few weeks away

  • Marky

    Agree. I used Mint Menu on Lucid Lynx 10.04 and it always caused the panel to load slow.

     I think you can do away with those “favourites” icons near the Mint Menu. The setup is like that of classic Windows pre-WinVista/7. Very good for those coming over from Windows or those who really want a classic desktop look.

    Mint Menu is one of the very good menus on Linux IMHO. I think it’s better than Slab and Kicker or those other menus I forgot the names, and definitely far better than the classic menu (circa Windows 95/98).

  • Jerry900i

    Nearly 6 years with Mint. Can’t wait to try this LTS version.

  • Cumengetut

    Mint 12 in stock form used gnome 3 which needs to be burnt with fire along with Unity. But install cinnamon on top of gnome 3 and it restores some level of sanity to the desktop. There are parts of gnome 3 that are unusable and cinnamon hasn’t gotten fleshed out yet such as the ability to define different NIC configurations without having to fall back to mate or something else but its getting there.

  • Guest

    same screenshots number 3 & 4 ?

  • Cactus Mac Coy

     i like Linux-Mint