Linus Torvalds Talks About Backdoor At LinuxCon

Linus Torvalds Talks About Backdoor At LinuxCon

Linux Con is an event in North America where developers, sys admins, architects and all levels of technical talent gather together under one roof for education, collaboration and problem-solving to further the Linux platform.

Who Attends?

Developers – Software Developers, Programmers, Core Maintainers and Linux IT Professionals
Operations – IT Operations Experts, System Administrators and Chief Architects
Business & Legal – Corporate End Users, Senior Business Executives, Legal Counsel
Plus Students, Media, Analysts and other professionals with an interest in the Linux ecosystem.

Linuxcon conference was held in New Orleans on Thursday September 19 and Linus Torvalds was present in this linux conference. The father of the Linux kernel joined fellow kernel developers in answering a barrage of questions about Linux development. Also, part of the linux development kernel panel was Tejun Heo, Sarah Sharp and Greg Kroah-HartMan. The panel was moderated by Ric Wheeler who works at Red Hat as the senior manager of the kernel file and storage team.

Ric asked many questions to the linux development kernel panel and one of the question was whether a government agency had ever asked about inserting a back-door into Linux. This question was made at the 25-th minute and the panel went completely silent. Oww! What now? What does this silence mean? Did the panel let the silence talk for them?

Then suddenly a long ‘No’ was heard. It was Linus Torvald’s answer. He laughed while answering this serious question that every linux user cares about. Then he repeated ‘no’ in a serious way. Now, what does this mean, ‘No’ like ‘No’ or ‘No’ like ‘Yes’? Do you think NSA has backdoors inside linux? I dont think so, but i want to know your opinion in the comments. Please share this article with other linux users and do not forget to watch the video, words can not describe what you can see.

Watch the video here:

LinuxCon & CloudOpen North America 2013 – Linux Kernel Panel (24:15 minute, The question about the backdoor)


  • barhofesh

    well…isn’t this the whole point of open-source ? go and read the code, its all there XD

  • Teddy Lovely

    The government always want to control anything, I think It’s just Yes or Not yet (cuz they not successful yet) :)

  • Apateona

    As for Linux kernel ..I think NO, because the kernel source is open and anyone can read the code.
    I’m afraid the top popular linux distributions..( Ubuntu,Mint,OpenSuse etj..)
    Kjo pyetje do te ishte me mire te adresohej te keto distro dhe jo te Torvalds

  • Ambition

    yes, but there are people that don’t know how to read the code and even if they know they don’t have time for this, but like you said it is open source :)

  • Ambition

    True :)

  • Anon

    Do you know how much extra bloat is in Ubuntu these days? How the hell does anyone really know?