Install Webdav Client in Ubuntu /Mint

Install Webdav Client in Ubuntu /Mint

Question: How  to Connect to  an webdav server from Linux Ubuntu  or  Mint  ?

Answer :

You  don’t  need  tools or  extra  software  , only In Nautilus (the file manager), select File > Connect to … and select WebDAV. Enter the information you need, such as a host name, a directory, port and username. Check the box to create a bookmark, and you’ll find it in your Files and Folder in the left pane in Nautilus.

You’ll be able to use your WebDAV share as if it were a local folder.

Connect and  enjoy

  • Azarel Howard

    Ah….. this isn’t correct the dialog you get when you try to view the connect to server option looks nothing like. All you get is an address box and a frame that’s supposed to hold recently connect accounts. :| And the service I’m currently trying to connect to so I can get at my SkyDrive account locally returns an error when I put it’s address. (the service is Otixo)