Install Nagios in 1 command on Ubuntu and Debian Squeez

Nagios ( is a popular open source computer system and network monitoring software application. It watches hosts and services, alerting users when things go wrong nagios_logoand again when they get better.

Nagios was originally designed to run under GNU/Linux, but also runs well on other Unix variants. It is free software, licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as published by the Free Software Foundation.

In our previous posts, we did show you how to install Nagios from source in Ubuntu, today we wil see together  how to install Nagios in one command.

First  install  Step we will install  nagioa3  package using the command :

sudo apt-get   install  nagios3

Now  after  download is done.  insert  the  password  of  nagiosadmin user

After  the  installation  open thebrowser  http://localhost/nagios3  and insert  the  login admin and the password  inserted in the  step   before


Now  you  can check  your  monitored  services  and  you can  make more monitoring configuration for  your  Server


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    thanks! very good articles


    thanks! very good articles

  • Freg

    With [url=]OMD[/url] you would have Nagios plus a lot of important addons, multi instance capable, updateable and so on with about two commands.

  • Anonymous

    ну и хули???

  • Ebusdk

    Great simple install you made there. Thx

  • Florian Heigl

    Guys, head over to
    – Multiple Nagios instances out of the box
    – Many addons included per default (i.e. RRD, Java JMX….)
    – Bugfixes included per default
    – Upgrade, Copy Nagios “sites”

    Bring up your install with
    omd create test
    omd start test 
    Nagios is fully configured and running now.

    Now if you like what you set up, spin off a copy for production use.
    omd cp test prod
    omd start prod
    omd stop test

    People even hook git into that to branch their configs.
    Start living in 2010+! :))