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  1. Rizwan Mohammed
    December 4, 2013

    Very good article, appreciable.

    • SK
      December 4, 2013

      Thank you.

  2. Rizwan Mohammed
    December 4, 2013

    Any Solutions to have MariaDB and MySQL both installed in the same system ?
    While doing yum remove mysql* mysql-server mysql-devel mysql-libs
    I have to compromise followings:
    Dependencies Resolved
    Package Arch Version Repository Size
    mysql-libs i686 5.1.71-1.el6 @base 3.9 M
    Removing for dependencies:
    cronie i686 1.4.4-12.el6 @base 165 k
    cronie-anacron i686 1.4.4-12.el6 @base 38 k
    crontabs noarch 1.10-33.el6 @anaconda-CentOS-201303020136.i386/6.4
    2.4 k
    google-chrome-stable i386 31.0.1650.63-1 @google 150 M
    libcgroup i686 0.40.rc1-5.el6 @base 295 k
    libvirt i686 0.10.2-29.el6 @base 5.0 M
    numad i686 0.5-9.20130814git.el6 @base 52 k
    policycoreutils-gui i686 2.0.83-19.39.el6 @base 730 k
    policycoreutils-python i686 2.0.83-19.39.el6 @base 913 k
    postfix i686 2:2.6.6-2.2.el6_1 @anaconda-CentOS-201303020136.i386/6.4
    9.3 M
    redhat-lsb i686 4.0-7.el6.centos @anaconda-CentOS-201303020136.i386/6.4
    redhat-lsb-compat i686 4.0-7.el6.centos @anaconda-CentOS-201303020136.i386/6.4
    redhat-lsb-core i686 4.0-7.el6.centos @anaconda-CentOS-201303020136.i386/6.4
    22 k
    redhat-lsb-graphics i686 4.0-7.el6.centos @anaconda-CentOS-201303020136.i386/6.4
    redhat-lsb-printing i686 4.0-7.el6.centos @anaconda-CentOS-201303020136.i386/6.4
    setroubleshoot i686 3.0.47-6.el6 @base 222 k
    setroubleshoot-plugins noarch 3.0.40-2.el6 @base 4.4 M
    setroubleshoot-server i686 3.0.47-6.el6 @base 2.4 M
    sysstat i686 9.0.4-22.el6 @base 799 k
    virt-who noarch 0.8-5.el6.centos @base 225 k

    Transaction Summary
    Remove 21 Package(s)

    Installed size: 179 M
    Is this ok [y/N]: ?

    • SK
      December 4, 2013

      Very strange Rizwan. I haven’t got this problem before. Let me check.

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