Install Geary 0.4 Mail Client in Ubuntu and Other Distros

Install Geary 0.4 Mail Client in Ubuntu and Other Distros

Geary is a lightweight email client also developed by the Yorba team. The latest release is Geary 0.4 released on  October 3, 2013.

geary_aboutGeary 0.14 comes new enhancements

– Per-account full text search

– Automatic save to draft

– Refreshed user interface

– Per-folder unread email count

– Experimental support for

– Enhanced “show external images” preference

– Find bar for locating text within a conversation (Ctrl+F)

– Improved handling of attachments

– Malicious link checker

– Passwords stored with libsecret instead of GNOME Keyring

– Hundreds of bugs fixed and small improvements

Installing Geary 0.4 in Ubuntu 12.10 or Newer via PPA

Open Terminal and Type the following commands to add PPA to your system and install:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yorba/ppa
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install geary

Compiling from Source

For other Linux Distros Download Geary 0.4 Tarball and compile from source.

Opening Geary for the first time you need to add an account.

select_gearySigning in:

geary_validatingGeary Compose Mail window:

compose_gearyFull view of Geary:


  • Myles Fister

    Sadly still not available for eOS!

  • hari

    Geary 0.4.0 can just be installed by giving
    apt-get install geary

    no need to add ppa

    Just now did in xubuntu and found the package listed in official ubuntu packages list

    geary (0.4.0-0ubuntu1) [universe] lightweight email client designed for the GNOME desktop)

  • Myles Fister

    What version of xubuntu?