Install FreeBSD 10 Step by Step


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This RC build of the 10.0-RELEASE is now available on the FTP servers for the amd64, i386, ia64, powerpc, powerpc64 and sparc64 architectures.

Changes between -BETA4 and -RC1 include:

- fix to a regression in bsdinstall(8) that prevents ZFS on GELI installation from working correctly;

- build Hyper-V kernel modules by default for i386;

- update oce(4) driver to support 40Gbps devices;

- improve robustness of the Xen balloon driver;

- fix accounting for hw.realmem on the i386 and amd64 platforms;

- fix poweroff(8) on XenServer;

- fix powerd/states on AMD CPUs;

- fix PKG_ABI detection in bsdconfig(8) after pkg-1.2;

- fix emulated jail_v0 byte order


In this tutorial, let’s show you how to install FreeBSD step by step.

Boot your System with freeBSD.

Boot menu:

FreeBSD10-11Choose option install.

FreeBSD10-12Keyboard and  language.


FreeBSD10-14Select  packages to install.

FreeBSD10-15Disk and partitions.

FreeBSD10-16 FreeBSD10-17

Start Install.


Set   root  password.


Configure network.

FreeBSD10-20 FreeBSD10-21

Auto start Daemons.


Restart and  Enjoy .