Install Firefox In Debian/Crunchbang

Install Firefox In Debian/Crunchbang

In this post, we’re going to install Firefox in Crunchbang 11 ‘Waldorf’ same procedures here works for Debian.

By the default Crunchbang come with Iceweseal as a replacement for Firefox. But myself and many others see have had few problems with Iceweasel in terms of speed.


Open terminal:

We first need to remove iceweasel.

sudo apt-get remove iceweasel

Open sources.list in favorite text editor.

sudo vim /etc/apt/sources.list

And add this the codes below.

deb debian import

Now let’s add the Mint keyring:

sudo dpkg -i linuxmint-keyring_2009.04.29_all.deb

Now, run:

sudo apt-get update

And finally install firefox:

sudo apt-get install firefox




  • tom

    Great thank you for the tuto

  • Rhenan Ventura

    Thanks, bro. You really helped me out.