How To Install CutePad In Linux

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Dear linux geeks,

In this tutorial I will teach you how to install a nice open source text editor in your linux machine. Cutepad is a mix of a text editor and word processor. It has a very easy to understand and use user interface and there are no any hidden menus or complicated settings.

I installed Cutepad in my machine and I have to say that it works like a charm. Simple graphical interface and a real fast startup time.

It has the following features:

- Ability to read and write any text document .
- Can be export the document as PDF format.
- Insert Images, tables, dates and times easily.
- Cross platform >> can be used in any Linux or Windows operating system.
- Keyboard shortcut facilities.
- Finally it’s modern and cute when comparing to a ordinary text editor.

Open a new terminal in you machine and run the following commands to install Cutepad.

tar -xf cutepad_linuxbuild_x86.tar
cd CutePad_LinuxBuild_x86
sudo chmod +x CutePad-0.1-Linux-x86-Install

If you have a 64 bit machine run the following commands in order to install Cutepad.

tar -xf cutepad_linuxbuild_x64.tar
sudo chmod +x CutePad-0.1-Linux-x86_64-Install

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