Install Conky Lua On Ubuntu 14.10/14.04/13.10/13.04, Debian, Fedora, Linux Mint And OpenSUSE

Install Conky Lua On Ubuntu 14.10/14.04/13.10/13.04, Debian, Fedora, Linux Mint And OpenSUSE

Conky is a free, lightweight system monitor for X, that displays any information on your desktop. There are many nice themes available for conky, that can display clock, CPU usage, ram usage, swap, disk, net and more. In this tutorial, let us see how to install and configure Conky-Lua. This theme (See screensot bellow) allow you to display nice rings for Clock, cpu …, and it is available for Ubuntu, Linuxmint, Fedora, openSUES and Debian.

See also Next Generation, another nice conky theme from Conky-Lua author

Install And Configure Conky

First of all, we need to install conky.

On Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint:

Enter the following command to install conky.

sudo apt-get install conky

On Fedora:

sudo yum install conky

On openSUSE:

zypper install conky

Now, download Conky-Lua from here.

Then, go to the directory where you have downloaded the Conky-lua zip file and extract it. All files will be extracted in a folder called Conky-lua.


Go to the folder and pick a file and extract it depending upon your distribution. As I use Ubuntu 14.10 desktop, I extracted the file Conky ubuntu-lua.tar.gz. if you use Linux Mint, then extract the file Conky Mint-lua.tar.gz.

As I told you before, I use Ubuntu 14.10 desktop, so I extracted the file Conky ubuntu-lua.tar.gz. This will be extracted in a folder called Conky ubuntu-lua. Go to the directory, find the file conkyrc, and rename it to .conkyrc. Make sure you have put the dot(.) at the beginning of the file.

Conky ubuntu-lua_004

Now, move the renamed file .conkyrc to your home directory. Hence, we have put the dot(.) at the beginning, so this file will not be visible. To make sure this file is moved to the home directory, go to View -> Show Hidden files in your file manager.


As you see in the above screenshot, the file .conkyrc has been moved to the home directory. Then, create a new folder called .conky in the home directory, and copy the other 2 files to this folder (new-ubuntu-logo.png and clock_rings.lua).


Now we have to mention the actual path of clock_rings.lua file in the .conkyrc file. Open the file .conkyrc in any text editor,

sudo vi .conkyrc

Find the line:Change the path to the new one in the home folder (See screenshot bellow):

lua_load /~.lua/scripts/clock_rings.lua

And, change it to:

lua_load ~/.conky/clock_rings.lua

Save and close the file. We’re done. Open terminal and run conky using the following command:

conky -c ./.conky/conkyrc &

Now, look at your Ubuntu desktop. The conky-lua theme will be running and displaying all details such as date and time, usages of CPU, RAM, net, disk and swap etc.


This method is same for all distributions such as Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE. Due to lack of time and resources, I have checked this article only on Ubuntu 14.10.

If you want to run conky automatically on every reboot, add the conky command in the Startup Applications. To do that, open Startup Applications either from the Unity or Menu. Click Add

Enter the name and the following command in the Command box:

conky -c ./.conky/conkyrc &

Finally, click Save.

Startup Applications Preferences_012

Now, conky should start automatically on every reboot.

Note:  If you are using wireless, and you want to display the wireless status on conky, edit file .conkyrc and change eth0 to wlan0.

Edit file,

sudo vi .conkyrc

Find the line:

${color FFFFFF}${goto 125}${voffset 25}${downspeed eth0}
${color FFFFFF}${goto 125}${upspeed eth0}

And, replace eth0 with wlan0.

${color FFFFFF}${goto 125}${voffset 25}${downspeed wlan0}
${color FFFFFF}${goto 125}${upspeed wlan0}

That’s it. Cheers!

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  • elieobeid7

    .conky or .conkyrc?

  • nim

    I have done setup the same.some details in black box displays on screen, but not comes up as icons in the picture..any idea?

  • SK

    .conkyrc. That was a typo. Now corrected thanks.

  • SK

    I almost run conky nearly one hour. I didn’t find any issues. I will check and let you know if found any solution.

  • elieobeid7

    nice article, worked perfectly, could you please edit the article to include how to change the colors to look like this

  • nim

    oops…my mistake at place …working perfectly..thanks!

  • Shieldfire

    Hmm, I only get

    Conky: desktop window (1400032) is subwindow of root window (90)
    Conky: window type – override
    Conky: drawing to created window (0x3200001)
    Conky: drawing to double buffer

    On Linux Mint

  • SK

    Glad it worked for you. Can you pls share what did you before, and how did you resolve it?

  • SK

    I don’t get your point. The link says “content not found”.

  • elieobeid7

    I was just asking if we could change the color and the design of the conky widget from orange to something else

  • indrajithi

    same here… in Linux Mint Debian edition.. what is the problem?

  • lsatenstein

    sudo yum install conky* is required for Fedora20

  • Shieldfire

    This has a working rc-file. I need to run a diff on it to see what changed.

  • ali-baba

    $ Conky: invalid configuration file ‘./.conky/conkyrc’

    Conky: unknown variable weather

    Conky: desktop window (1400023) is subwindow of root window (bd)

    Conky: window type – override

    Conky: drawing to created window (0x3400001)

    X Error of failed request: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)

    Major opcode of failed request: 1 (X_CreateWindow)

    Serial number of failed request: 216

    Current serial number in output stream: 219

  • nim

    I was running ‘conky -c …’ as root…thats the prob..also can you tell how to adjust brightness of icons?..its intensity is very HIGH..thanks

  • :ZyLnT

    I was having the same problem and as you mentioned, its solved by exiting the root and run that command again :D thanks “nim”

  • Wolvee

    Somethings up with the install. Output: “Conky: llua_do_call: function conky_clock_rings execution failed: attempt to call a nil value”

  • Ahmad Irfan Mohammad Shukri

    hi.. i have installed and put the conky at my ubuntu laptop.. and everything worked fine but when i boot up my machine, the conky did not start automatically.. i have followed the last step as you provide above..

  • Juan Loera

    I installed this to the letter, but it is not working correctly. The white marks begin to overlap and look messed up (like in the fourth screen shot of this article showing the desktop) I uninstalled the program, but it is still there. Has anyone encountered this problem or have any suggestions?

  • Zinovsky

    Great Post SK. Thanks

  • Enock Seth

    Nice pose SK. Keep it up.

  • Enock Seth

    Oops! Typo :-) Nice *post SK. :D

  • cydewaze

    How do you manage to get rid of the drop shadow on the conky window? 14.04/Unity doesn’t use the compiz window decoration plugin, so mine’s been stuck with the drop shadow since the upgrade.

  • suresh

    Hello Buddies………..,

    This is Suresh,i just installed conky theme,but its not working properly….

    attached screen shot after installation………….Please suggest me….

  • suresh

    Hello SK please look into my problem…………….


  • Syed Zain UL Hasan

    I tried to install conky on 14.04 but it gives the error of 404 not found…..
    any solution plz?

  • markzona

    The last years I used the standard text based conky, but this one looks much better. Thanks for the nice tutorial.

  • fairoz

    Thanks you for detail explanation about conky it
    worked perfectly for me only one problem I did add up to
    startup and it starts perfectly but after few seconds it goes. Every
    time I start my computer it starts and goes I need to star from terminal
    every time can you help me with this thank you

  • Jesse

    In .conkyrc change
    own_window_type override
    own_window_type desktop

  • Chad

    If you want the colored rings for network traffic to work with wireless, you also need to go into clock_rings.lua and change eth0 to wlan0 for downspeedf and upspeedf.

  • julio

    en debian me funciono perfecto. gracias

  • julio

    muy buena explicacion

  • rachid_lafriakh

    Thanks a lot :)

  • XenoBIT78

    you need to make your lua script executable

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