apt-fast: Improve apt-get Download Speed

apt-fast: Improve apt-get Download Speed

apt-fast is a “shell script wrapper” for apt-get and aptitude that can drastically improve APT download times by downloading packages with multiple connections per package. apt-fast uses aria2c or axel download managers to speed up the APT download time. Just like the traditional apt-get package manager, apt-fast supports almost all apt-get functions such as install, remove, update, upgrade, dist-upgrade etc. And one more notable feature is it supports proxy too.

Install apt-fast On Ubuntu

Use the following PPA to install apt-fast. apt-fast developer says “Some distros, such as PCLinuxOS include apt-fast in their default repos”.

To Add apt-fast PPA, enter the following command in Terminal.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:apt-fast/stable

Update the sources list with command:

sudo apt-get update

Now install it using command:

sudo apt-get install apt-fast

During installation it will ask you to select the maximum number connections to download packages.

sk@sk: ~_003Select No and continue installation. If you select Yes, apt-get won’t ask you the confirmation during any package installation.

sk@sk: ~_004I found aria2 download manager has been installed along with apt-fast installation automatically. So you don’t have to install it separately.

If you want re-configure apt-fast options, you can do it using command:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure apt-fast


Similar to apt-get functions, we can use:

apt-fast install package
apt-fast remove package
apt-fast update
apt-fast upgrade
apt-fast dist-upgrade

and more.

apt-fast package manager in action:

sk@sk: ~_005Create alias (Optional)

Edit ~/.bashrc file and add the following line at the end.

alias apt-get='apt-fast'

Or simply run the following command to add it in your ~/.bashrc file.

sudo echo "alias apt-get='apt-fast'" >> ~/.bashrc

From now whenever you run apt-get command to install, remove, update and upgrade packages, it will use apt-fast automatically in the background. Sounds cool? Yes it should.

During testing i found it very fast compared to apt-get when downloading packages. Give it a try, you will agree with me. Cheers!!

  • jan niggemann

    …no need for something like that,mirror servers are usually fast enough (at least the Debian ones are).

  • MrRtd

    Not necessarily. At least with Kubuntu, I get better download speeds from several servers in the US as opposed to the servers in my own country (Canada)

  • Robert Eddy

    If you have a server, kind of cool to run Apt-Cacher-NG (a caching proxy for packages); no faster the first time a package is downloaded, but as fast as your server and LAN can handle for any package that any of your machines or the server has downloaded previously. Though I need to figure out how to set up the clients to go around the local server if it’s not available for a few days; a couple of machines went on a long vacation, and had to reconfigure to get updates. Just in my case something to have the server do; really apt-fast would probably be a better way to go, I just like having more useful tasks for the server to do. :-)

  • Ajay

    Very helpful…!!

  • http://www.unixmen.com SK

    We had already done an article about apt-cacher and atp-mirror. Have a look at the below link.


  • zinovsky

    This is not needed for europe and America users where the internet speed is high, for Africa, and other countries where the internet speed is too slow, this will help them a lot.

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