How to upgrade to Fedora 17

How to upgrade to Fedora 17

Question: How to upgrade to Fedora 17?


1-Don’t forget to backup your system before to start.

2-Upgrading To Fedora 17 

As root enter the following commands:

rpm –import

# sudo yum update dracut

# dracut --force --add convertfs

Change the following kernel commandline parameter directly in the bootloader menu, which is sh:own during bootup, or edit the line in /etc/grub*.cfg to remove ro and rhgb and append rw rd.convertfs enforcing=0

# revert after reboot.
# dmesg | grep dracut
# yum --releasever=17 update rpm
# rm -f /var/lib/rpm/__*
# rpm --rebuilddb
# yum --releasever=17 --disableplugin=presto --skip-broken distro-sync
# fixfiles onboot
Please keep Us updated if this working for you , because we still getiing comments from people that upgrading via preupgrad in not working anymore
  • Bryan D Chapman

    Is it really that simple?!

  • Alexis Divatis

    in theory, when you do it, let us know if it worked :)

  • Zinovsky

     Before we post anything here, we first test it if it is working or not. if not working we don `t publish it. This mean that upgrade steps listed in this post is working perfectly.

  • Nightlund

    I had it fail on me three times to where I had to reinstall Fedora 16 all over again. :(

  • alex285

    You can try the manual solution @

  • MikeJones1208

    I needed to do:
        preupgrade-cli “Fedora 17 (Beefy Miracle)”
    on the command line

  • Le W

     You’d be surprised how many don’t think, never mind test before posting. For completeness you could always indicate:. tested on f16.desktop.x86_64 on IBM Thinkpad.whatever… reason being, every machine has the potential to upgrade differently. More detail than you might have thought about giving, but assures people of completeness vs .. this worked in 15-16 so it should work here I think .. well my mate did it – I heard him yell the command to his boss over the phone while I was in the tube station and could barely hear him.. well you get the picture… don’t be a smart ass.

  • Le W

     indeed :)

  • JR

    I’ve run pre-upgrade but on reboot – the installer does not start. Followed Fedora docs to enter grub utility but that fails. Fortunately it will still just boot into old Fedora 16 – so I may just have to do a full install rather than upgrade.

  • Sensible

    The fact that this post was fixed in short time indicates how little research was done. Fedora as many of us know – while possible to upgrade in most circumstances, isn’t meant to be. Upgrades IMO are for the lazy. Fedora being a non-rolling, bleeding-edge bi-annually released distro is best installed clean.

    As many  of us are accustomed to upgrades on different platforms, some Linux and some other, we’re familiar with the time and effort put into performing this task. What’s important in any conversation about the task of upgrading without lurking issues is that there will always be fewer issues with a clean install.

    Posting a simple guide here merely obscures the huge warning on the fedora project site stating that yum upgrades are not officially supported. More importantly not recommended.

    Thus while I applaud most of the articles here, this one should really be dropped & save a few frustrated people as this article is floated around various news sites, and before people destroy their data.

  • dma

    and….how do we know it worked ?

  • Zw

    I used preupgrade from f16 -> f17. After reboot, it shows this error message: /usr merge script failed. I have to reboot it back to f16.

  • samuel machua

    Thanks for this article, I guess I belong in the lazy group as I have updated my box since FC 14 to current. I will give this method a test and let you know if it works for me.

  • George Kasica

    Ran te convert portion and see this in the dmesg output from dracut – where do I go from here:
    [root@saturn usr]# dmesg | grep dracut                                     [    1.410861] dracut: dracut-018-55.git20120606.fc16[    1.630825] dracut: Starting plymouth daemon[    3.445061] dracut: Checking ext4: /dev/disk/by-label/x2froot[    3.445457] dracut: issuing e2fsck -a  /dev/disk/by-label/x2froot[    3.644493] dracut: /root: Superblock last mount time is in the future.[    3.644983] dracut: (by less than a day, probably due to the hardware clock being incorrectly set) FIXED.[    3.645426] dracut: /root: clean, 538769/38486016 files, 7166627/76965406 blocks[    3.646546] dracut: Remounting /dev/disk/by-label/x2froot with -o rw[    3.786369] dracut: Mounted root filesystem /dev/sda3[    4.136006] dracut: Make a copy of `/sysroot/usr/bin’.[    4.541527] dracut: Merge the copy with `/sysroot/bin’.[    4.591912] dracut: cp: cannot overwrite non-directory `/sysroot/usr/bin.usrmove-new/java’ with directory `/sysroot/bin/java'[    4.714517] dracut: Something failed. Move back to the original state[    4.980167] dracut: Switching root

  • Helper Citty

    while upgrading fedora may we lost own data??