How to upgrade to Centos 6.1


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Question :

How  to upgrade  from  centos 6.0 to centos 6.1 ?



Centos  6.1  has  been released to fix some known issues on the  affected   packages :


  • bash 
  • emacs 
  • gtk2 
  • pango 
  • at-spi 
  • gtk2-engines 
  • ibus 
  • libcanberra 
  • libgail-gnome 
  • librsvg2 
  • libwmf



1- First  Backup all important data
/etc diretory
Backup  server configs  httpd  php mysql
Export  *SQL/Oracle databases
Dump PostgreSQL databases

2. Upgrade with yum update

Official way to do upgrade:

yum update

3. Reboot