googleearth-bin: /lib/ bad ELF interpreter| Solved

Question: When trying to install Google earth on Fedora, i got the following error:

googleearth-bin: /lib/ bad ELF interpreter: No such file or directory

How  to r esolve  this  issue  :?

You can resolve the issue by installing some missing dependencies, using the followng command:

yum install redhat-lsb.i686 redhat-lsb-graphics.i686 redhat-lsb-printing.i686

start google earth again and enjoy

  • Anonymous

    Everone knows there is notheing worse than a bad ELF interpreter.  Ha ha ha

  • varpa

    What is non-intuitive is you need to install the i686 packages, even on a  x86_64 system.  There are also x86_64 packages of the above, but they are not used by google earth.

  • Jan Gerrit Kootstra

    On RHEL it is resolved by only installing


    so the fix is:

    yum install redhat-lsb.i686

  • amr

    Thank you it worked with me