FreeBSD10 Install Step By Step

FreeBSD10 Install Step By Step

The  FreeBSD 10  has been released last days with many  wonderful features

Lets show you how you can install this OS:


FreeBSD10-2014-01-21_155318 FreeBSD10-2014-01-21_155918 FreeBSD10-2014-01-21_160000 FreeBSD10-2014-01-21_160043 FreeBSD10-2014-01-21_160111 FreeBSD10-2014-01-21_160248 FreeBSD10-2014-01-21_160338 FreeBSd10-2014-01-21_160441 FreeBSD10-2014-01-21_160513 FreeBSD10-2014-01-21_160548 FreeBSD10-2014-01-21_160659 FreeBSD10-2014-01-21_160810 FreeBSD10-2014-01-21_160909 FreeBSD10-2014-01-21_160950 FreeBSD10-2014-01-21_161403

  • MorinMoss

    What’s with sticking “” in the middle of every screenshot?
    It’s distracting, unnecessary and those are likely copyrighted images of the FreeBSD project.

  • jasiu

    no unixmem but unixmen ;-)