FireSSH- A Firefox add-on to run SSH client in your browser

FireSSH is a free, cross-platform SSH terminal client for Mozilla Firefox. Written entirely in Javascript!, if you are for example under windows and you want to use ssh, the best is to install this firefox  extension.



After installation,  If you want to enable/disable or to to customize firessh, go to Tools–>Add-ons and click on Preferences


Now to run the extension go to Tools–>firessh



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  • Stijn Verwaaijen

    Looks good, but why is this best when there’s putty and winscp?

  • Zinovsky

    I said the best because you will use ssh within the browser especially if you are using a public computer and you can not install anything.

  • ihaveapc

    Handy addon but doesn’t work for versions below 4 ? Didn’t get installed on my FF 3.6.16:(

    By the way, did you observe any extra slowness when using FireSSH ?


  • Frank

    Crackpot idea of the week: building a security-sensitive application on a wobbly something like javascript in an invite-the-world-to-your-computer application like a web browser.